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Many homeowners in Southern California are making the switch to a form of artificial grass designed with dogs in mind. The reasons for doing so are numerous; artificial grass saves water, prevents digging, and can’t be ruined by brown spots or faded areas. We get a lot of questions about how dogs adapt to the new surface. Here are some of the most common questions, as well as some tips for helping your pet transition to pet grass.

Will My Dog Still Be Able to Use the Grass as a Bathroom Area?
As your pet explores the new surface, they may be unsure where their designated bathroom areas are. You can help train them by creating zones. Lead them to these areas when you notice signs of needing to relieve themselves. Some dogs take to artificial grass immediately with no adjustment necessary!

Why Are Your Dog Grass Products Ideal for Southern California Dogs?
Our artificial pet grass is hypoallergenic and sterile. The high drainage capabilities keep liquid waste from accumulating or soaking into the infill. Our grasses are not toxic and will not harm your pets if they chew on any of the fibers. Of course, artificial grass doesn’t require pesticides or weed killers, making it a safe play surface for children and pets alike.

Is Pet Odor a Problem with Pet Grass?
We highly encourage the use of ZEOFill if you’re concerned about pet odors. It is an organic product that also helps keep the surface cool through evapotranspiration. This is a great benefit for those warmer days. Durafill sand is another infill option you can use in pet turf areas. This infill contains anti-microbial properties to create a safer, non-toxic environment for you, your kids and your pets.

Your dog will definitely be able to make the adjustment to artificial grass. It may just take some time, encouragement and plenty of exploration time. Let them be curious!

Your pet will love Back Nine Greens! Our lawn installations are quick and effortless on your part. If you have any questions about our artificial grass for dogs, contact the California showroom closest to your home.

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