Tailored Services: Renew and Protect

Like a curator or conservator might care for a rare work of art, it’s important you maintain your synthetic green with regular touch-ups and support. We’re happy to help you along the way by providing 3 tiers of Renew and Protect services.

  • R & P:   3 or 5-year program, 1 maintenance visit per year
  • R & P:   3 or 5-year program, 2 maintenance visits per year
  • R & P:   3 or 5-year program, 3 maintenance visits per year (plus one Emergency R & P visit)

Renew and Protect Services include:

For Putting Greens For Landscapes and Lawns
Power broom greens surface and fringe Power broom removing trash and debris
Remove debris and excess sand Adjust any visible seams
Inspect cup areas, level as needed, clean cups Add and broom in infill sand as needed
Top dress green with green/black sand and roll green Perform BNG finishing and clean-up process
Adjust visible seams


In Case of Emergency R & P:   Every once in a while there are those situations that demand urgent attention: A last-minute party, extreme weather, a burn mark from a hot blower, or even a spilled bottle of red wine near the third hole. Just in case you need us, we offer priority services for more urgent matters.