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There’s nothing quite like a fire pit on a winter night. It’s a cozy spot for friends to gather, talking, laughing, and maybe roasting some marshmallows. On the other hand, a fire pit also invites quiet contemplation, sitting alone and fire gazing. If you have artificial turf, you can certainly have a fire pit, and it will look great. There are, however, some safety concerns to consider.

First, the good news: artificial grass is not flammable!
Even if a flaming ember flew from your fire pit and landed on your lawn, it wouldn’t flame up and the fire wouldn’t spread. The bad news? It would melt a spot of your artificial turf, damaging the look of your grass.

The most important thing is that you should not put your fire pit directly onto the artificial turf.
Instead, create a patio either beside or within your yard, using stones or gravel- not wood. The great thing about this is that you can make it large enough to accommodate seating, and it will provide a fire break for the fire pit. This is important, not just for the artificial grass, but for your whole property.

Another great idea is to build a shelter for your extra wood.
A wooden box should do the trick, built near enough to be convenient, yet far enough away for safety.

Of course, some safety tips apply to all fire pits, whether or not you have artificial grass.
For example, a fire pit should not be within 10 feet of any structure, and 25 feet is actually preferable. Be careful not to place it under any low hanging limbs, and keep an eye on kids anytime you’re using it. Having a fire extinguisher on hand is not a bad idea, either.

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