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A great deal has been said about the safety features of artificial grass for kids and pets as opposed to other commonplace surfaces. Of course, when children are on the playground, safety is a top priority. The same holds true in the case of pets who are enjoying their time outside. That’s why over time, artificial grass from Back Nine Greens has surpassed natural grass as the surface of choice for playgrounds and pet facilities, among other places. In this post, we’ll discuss why.

Built-In Child Safety Components

Schools, daycare centers, and playgrounds have been switching to artificial turf in increasingly large numbers. This is because synthetic turf’s underlayments come with specific safety components not present in traditional grass. These include antimicrobial characteristics and infill, both of which increase durability while maintaining comfort levels.

With the installation of artificial grass at playgrounds, the ground is significantly more forgiving due to the softer surface design. As a bonus, our multi-layered structure helps to lessen, if not eliminate, severe injuries by cushioning falls and eradicating trip hazards.

No Chemicals or Pesticides

Unlike sod, artificial turf does not require landscaping and irrigation chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Because it is synthetic, it maintains its immaculate condition indefinitely, regardless of use or time. This is highly beneficial to both children’s and pets’ health.

Artificial grass is devoid of allergens and pollen because it is non-toxic. This reduces the likelihood of your children or pets being ill as a result of pollen-related allergies or chemical residue. Ticks and fleas are also kept at bay, which is good news for your furry friend.


We are all aware of how much dogs love to dig. This can be a huge safety problem, especially when you consider that they can easily dig their way out of your yard and into the neighboring street, where they may encounter a variety of risks. Installing artificial grass in your yard is the solution to this problem.

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly durable and resistant to wear and tear thanks to technical improvements. It can last up to 20 years in most cases, depending on the quality of the material and exposure to the sun’s UV rays. As a result, our pet grass is exceptionally resistant to digging, ensuring that your pets never have to venture outside of your yard.

Extremely Porous

Our artificial turf is more porous than ordinary grass. This gives it a better drainage system, especially when liquids are spilled or when it rains. If you have kids or animal companions, this is a significant benefit.

Artificial grass’ remarkable drainage system ensures that pet urine drains considerably fast. This helps to prevent the buildup of unpleasant odors. It also means that water does not pool in the yard when it rains, making it less susceptible to mud. Because this reduces pet odors and guarantees that no mud prints are tracked back into the house, synthetic grass affords a more hygienic environment for both pets and children to play in.

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