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No one can revolutionize your sports or athletics experience better than Back Nine Greens with our incredible lineup of artificial turf products for sports fields. If you love sports, then you know that having a dependable playing surface that you can count on is incredibly important. Nearly every sport can benefit from high-end synthetic athletic turf with its customizable density, height, and other special features. Our turf is designed to last under intense use and can even help reduce tripping hazards and potential injuries. In addition, your team will love the stunning aesthetics of the green expanse it creates while scoring points on the field or recharging on the bench. With Back Nine Greens, this level of beauty and functionality from your sports turf is attainable!

Back Nine Greens is ushering in a new era of high-level performance athletic turf that exceeds all industry expectations. You can work with our incredible team of designers and installers today and be ahead of the game with a high-end sports surface that provides your sports venue or facility with numerous advantages, especially in comparison to natural grass.

At Back Nine Greens, we have experience working with all types of athletic facilities and sports locations, creating a variety of spaces with our artificial sports turf, including: 

Our team of experienced designers and installers is always ready to take on new challenges, especially when using our artificial sport field turf. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote and learn more about what our team can do for you!

Why Work with Back Nine Greens?

With all the different artificial grass companies out there, why should you pick us to provide your synthetic sport turf? Well, the reasons are simple. At Back Nine Greens, we are team players with high-end artificial turf products who have your best interests at heart. Like in nearly any sport, our team emphasizes community and working together with our clients to achieve your goals. However, our incredible teamwork is not the only factor why you should work with us on your synthetic sport turf projects.

Made right here in the United States, our luxurious artificial grass for sports fields is legendary and exceeds industry standards. We have taken our years of experience and developed a product that is customizable and prepared to suit your needs – no matter what sport is played on it.  

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Innovative Benefits of Our Synthetic Athletic Turf

Give your athletes the highest quality synthetic athletic turf with all the phenomenal features and benefits they need with Back Nine Greens. Every advantage counts to a sports team, including physical fitness, practice time, and of course, the sports field itself. Don’t underestimate how much synthetic sport turf can affect your game in a positive way! With our high-end artificial grass for sports fields, your teams and athletic facility can experience several significant advantages, including:

Safer Playing Surfaces

Not only is our synthetic sport turf captivatingly lush and green, but it is also a safer surface for sports and athletics than natural grass and other surfacing alternatives. This added safety is due to our artificial sport field turf’s extra cushioned backing. This backing has shock-absorbing qualities, which allow it to help soften all kinds of impacts, including running feet, tackles, falls, and more. With it installed, the likelihood of potentially serious injuries occurring from impacts with the surface is lessened. As a result, your teams can play with greater confidence in avoiding injuries!

Cleaner Playing Surfaces

Synthetic athletic turf from Back Nine Greens provides sports fields and facilities with a cleaner surface for competition, practice, and more. Gone are the days of grass stained uniforms and muddy cleats! Our artificial sport turf is quick draining, which makes it easy to clean. Simply spray it with a hose to help wash away contaminants! Plus, our synthetic turf is inhospitable to bugs and other pests, so they are less likely to introduce their germs to our athletic surfaces.  

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More Durable Playing Surfaces 

Athletes need a sturdy and uniform space to excel in practice or competition. Often, outdoor sports surfaces can be affected by wear and tear or the weather. This can create mud, holes in the ground, or a slippery surface. The presence of any of these can present hazards to athletes, who may be injured as a result of them being there. 

Thankfully, the extravagant synthetic sport turf from Back Nine Greens is highly durable. As a result, it is less likely to become potentially hazardous from wear and tear, foot traffic, or the weather. Instead, it will hold up under pressure for years to come, providing a safer surface for athletes to enjoy!  

Lower Upkeep 

For sports facilities and their groundskeepers, our artificial grass for sports fields and more is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic sport turf does not need to be irrigated, trimmed, chemically treated, or have weeds removed from it. Maintenance activities like these often take up significant amounts of time and money. Fortunately, with our high-end artificial turf, these activities can be eliminated, saving groundskeepers and sports facility owners time and money! Instead, all our synthetic athletic turf requires is an occasional cleaning, which can quickly be accomplished with a hose and some water due to its quick-draining properties. 

Don’t Forget Our Luxury Golf Greens!

Synthetic athletic turf from Back Nine Greens is ideal for a number of sports and athletic activities. However, it is not the only specialized sports turf that we offer! At Back Nine Greens, we also provide residential and commercial properties across the United States with our specially designed artificial golf grass products.

Our luxury golf greens were developed in association with golf guru Dave Stockton. Professionally, Stockton is an 11-time PGA Tour winner, 14-time winner on the Champions tour, and a Ryder Cup Captain. With his help, our team has crafted an ideal playing surface for golfers – whether practicing or competing. As a result, our opulent artificial golf greens are ultra-realistic and provide optimal performance for golf ball movement, putting, chipping, and more. And, unlike natural grass, our artificial golf turf requires little maintenance and looks consistently captivating all year round! 

At Back Nine Greens, we are experts when it comes to designing and installing luxurious artificial golf courses and putting greens. All of our gorgeous golf green builds blend together three key elements: client vision, aesthetic preference, and our technology and expertise. By taking your vision and preferences into account with our experience and high-end turf, our master craftsman create extravagant putting greens and golf courses that not only captivate golfers but provide them with an exceptional playing experience. Take a look at our luxury golf greens gallery to see the gorgeous courses our team of craftsmen and installers have created! 

Luxury backyard artificial grass putting green

Get a Quote for Synthetic Sport Turf Today!

At Back Nine Greens, our artificial sport field turf can provide athletes in sports and athletics facilities across the United States with more optimal surfaces for practice, competition, recreation, and more. No matter if it’s football, soccer, or baseball – at Back Nine Greens, we love them all, and we want to provide the players of these sports and more with surfaces that can keep them safer. Our synthetic sport turf provides a padded and level surface that is less susceptible to wear and tear. As a result, athletes are less likely to face potentially serious injuries as a result of impacts with our synthetic turf. Yet, this is not the only benefit! Our artificial grass for sports fields is also stunningly lush and green and requires little upkeep, making it an attractive investment for all types of sports venues and facilities. 

Contact us at Back Nine Greens today to learn more about what our synthetic athletic turf has to offer or get a quote! We are more than ready to help revolutionize your sports surfaces and provide your athletes with the high-quality artificial turf they need to enhance their performance!

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