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Replace Your Turf With High Quality Artificial Grass

If you’re looking to replace your old turf in Coachella Valley with high-quality artificial grass, you can potentially benefit from a Desert Water Agency (DWA) rebate. Coachella residents with expensive and difficult to maintain natural grass are looking to upgrade to artificial grass for various reasons. However, one of the most daunting obstacles that many homeowners face is the cost of removing the old lawn. Thankfully, your local water agency may offer rebates for the removal and replacement of your existing turf.

Rebates Encourage Coachella Residents to Conserve Water

Coachella has not been spared the effects of the prolonged and devastating droughts that plague Southern California. In a bid to conserve water, local water agencies such as Desert Water Agency (DWA) have been encouraging residents to replace their existing turf with artificial grass. The agency has been offering rebates to help offset the cost of removing the old turf. For more information, see the contact information below:

If you are a Desert Water Agency (DWA) customer:

  • (Grass Removal)
  • (760) 323-4971
  • 1200 Gene Autry Trail, South Palm Springs, CA 92263

If you’re a Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) Customer:

  • (Rebates & Discounts CVWD Rebate Program)
  • (760) 398-2651
  • 75-525 Hovley Lane East, Palm Desert, CA 92260

If you are deemed ineligible for CVWD or DWA’s programs, you may be eligible to receive funds from the City’s WaterSmart Landscapes Grant Program.

Offset the Cost of Turf Removal With Rebates in Coachella Valley

The City of Coachella offers various rebates designed to help residents offset the cost of removing their existing turf. This also includes grants such as the Cathedral City WaterSmart Landscapes Grant. 

The Cathedral City WaterSmart Landscapes Grant was established to educate, encourage, and help citizens of Cathedral City in converting their present landscaping to a more drought-resistant landscape, thereby conserving water and minimizing run-off. In addition, the program assists property owners in transitioning their front yards from water-hungry grass to lush, water-efficient artificial lawns.

Projects that can possibly qualify for rebates include the following:

  • The front yard grass was removed and replaced with drought-tolerant landscaping, such as synthetic turf or artificial grass.
  • The sprinkler system was removed or relocated so that it supports only grass and drought-tolerant vegetation and does not overflow onto sidewalks or streets.

Reasons for Replacing Old Turf

Located in Riverside County, the city of Coachella has a dry climate characterized by little precipitation. This makes artificial grass an attractive alternative to natural grass given the drought conditions and water scarcity. Attempting to maintain a sod lawn can be frustrating and expensive. 

In years past, Coachella Valley residents have installed various types of surfaces on their front and back lawns. However, many are eager to remove natural sod turf and replace it with Back Nine Greens’ superior artificial grass. This is understandable given its remarkably lush appearance, longevity, resistance to UV rays, low upkeep requirements, and eco-friendliness.

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Back Nine Greens has been designing and installing unique artificial grass and backyard paradises for residential and commercial clients throughout Southern California since 1997. So whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your residential lawn or create a mini-golf course, we’ve got you covered. Numerous playgrounds, putting greens, pet grass, dog turf, and shopping areas also feature our turf. 

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