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Pickleball courts

Concrete Pickleball Courts

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing paddle sport in America due to the game’s engaging nature and its social environment. Whether you are building this for your backyard, recreation center, senior living center, country club, or school, Back Nine Green’s team will walk you through every step of the court-building process. Our hands-on approach and superior customer service helps ensure that you receive more than just a pickleball court; our experienced team creates a safe place for your friends and family to laugh, play, and build memories.

Back Nine Greens have a team of seasoned experts that can help ensure everything is built and set up to code for Pickleball and sports courts for both residential and commercial use. We succeed with our professional craftsmanship, timeline, and budget for our clients offering innovative court solutions. Your one-stop shop for all your pickleball needs.

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    Our Pickleball Services

    • Design and build ground-up, Pickleball, Tennis, Basketball courts or Multiple Courts
    • Convert old tennis courts or sport court into pickleball courts
    • Resurface or install new surface on existing pickleball court
    • Engineered concrete and or post-tension concrete for pickleball court
    • Artificial turf around your Pickleball courts for a luxury finish
    • Perimeter fencing, 10 feet high or 4 feet high with padding on the top rail as needed
    • Lighting, 1500 W light poles at a maximum of 20 feet high
    • Netting Systems
    • We offer four paddles and balls with any new ground-up pickleball installation



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    Reliable & Trustworthy

    Reliable & Trustworthy

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    Professional & Experienced

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    At Back Nine Greens, we offer some of the finest multi-court products on the market as well as artisan design and installation services. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the perfect size and look for your customized pickleball court while considering your subsurface borders and turf selections. As a result, our courts offer great accessibility, excellent drainage, years of minimal maintenance, and an attractive appearance. Contact us to learn more about installations of pickleball courts.

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    We perform professional artificial grass design & installation nationwide. Our headquarters are in Southern California.

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