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There is no better time to switch to high-end, drought-friendly artificial grass and synthetic turf from Back Nine Greens in Palm Desert, CA than now. The city recently approved $1 million worth of funding to go toward the Coachella Valley Water District’s artificial turf rebate program. As a result, Palm Desert residents can save money in several ways by switching to our luxurious synthetic turf lawns and landscaping.

The Details on Rebates for Switching to Artificial Grass

Presently, the Coachella Valley Water District offers a turf conversion rebate program to consumers in its district. This program encourages residential and commercial customers to switch to forms of landscaping that help conserve water, including artificial grass. For both residential and commercial properties, the Coachella Valley Water District offers a rebate of $3.00 per square foot of traditional grass replaced with synthetic turf. For homes, the area must be at least 200 square feet but no greater than 10,000 square feet. For businesses, the area must not exceed 25,000 square feet. The program also requires pre-approval. 

Palm Desert’s Additional Rebate Funding 

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Fortunately, artificial turf rebates in Palm Desert, California have just become even more enticing! Recently, the Palm Desert City Council approved a partnership with the Coachella Valley Water District to double the reimbursement of the turf conversion rebate program. The council has approved $1 million in funding for the program – along with an authorization for $500,000 more to be made available if funding runs out. 

As a result, the City of Palm Desert, CA will be matching the $3.00 per square foot rebate for the Coachella Valley Water District’s residential landscaping conversion program. This means pre-approved homeowners in Palm Desert, California can receive up to $6.00 per square foot of traditional grass replaced with artificial grass. For commercial properties and homeowners’ associations, the city has approved an additional $1.00 per square foot to be added alongside the commercial rebate program’s $3.00 per square foot rebate.

Switch to Artificial Grass From Back Nine Greens to Take Advantage of Rebates in Palm Desert, CA

In communities across California, there is concern surrounding water conservation. Sadly, the state is in the midst of another drought, and water officials are urging residents to do what they can to help save this precious resource. That is why many water officials and cities like the Coachella Valley Water District and Palm Desert, CA are providing their community members with rebates to switch to artificial turf.

Unlike conventional grass, synthetic grass requires no watering to retain its lush, beautiful, green appearance. This can help cities and water districts save thousands to millions of gallons of water per year. It can also help home and business owners who make the switch to save money on their water bills. So, at the moment, there is no better time for homes and businesses in Palm Desert, California to switch to high-quality artificial grass from Back Nine Greens. Our synthetic turf lawns and landscaping not only meet the requirements of the turf conversion rebate programs but provide properties with luxurious green landscapes that look just like traditional grass. With our artificial turf, you do not have to sacrifice visual appeal for water conservation. 

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Artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is available for Palm Desert, California homes and businesses and is eligible for the local turf conversion rebate programs. So right now is a better time than ever to save money on switching to synthetic turf lawns and landscaping. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our high-end artificial turf products, design expertise, and installation service!

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