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As the drought continues in California, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to save water. This month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed off on a law preventing residential and commercial property owners from being forbidden from installing drought-friendly landscaping, including synthetic grass in San Francisco. Brown also ordered California residents to cut down on their water use, a move that reduced water usage by 25 percent in the last three months.

Artificial grass rebates are another incentive to encourage drought-tolerant landscaping in California, with SoCal Water $mart and state-specific organizations and water districts leading the way in securing rebates for home and business owners. Besides the rebates, here are some of the other benefits of quality artificial grass installations for your Los Angeles or San Francisco suburbs.

Synthetic Turf Warranties
Quality artificial turf has UV protection to protect against color fading, as well as disintegration, of materials. Back Nine Greens guarantees our products for anywhere between eight and 12 years for sun exposure and product life, but in actuality, our products typically last between 15 and 25 years. Watch out for other artificial turf companies with warranties lasting fewer than eight years.

Lead Free Benefits
It’s important for your children and pets’ safety to choose a company that installs lead-free synthetic grass. Back Nine Greens is one of few companies with 100 percent lead-free artificial turf, and the grass is also polyethylene-free. We strive to provide products that are absolutely safe for children and pets, and as another added bonus, our turf is recyclable even after eight to 25+ years of use.

Low Maintenance Artificial Grass
Not every artificial lawn installer in Los Angeles can say that their products are lead-free and low maintenance. Some companies rely heavily on infill to keep artificial grass in place, which can get costly with refills. Back Nine Greens has a more sophisticated installation process to ensure that the synthetic lawn is as effortless as possible. Maintain your artificial grass’ pristine appearance year-round by removing plant leaves or twigs on your lawn with a plastic rake instead of a leaf blower to remain eco-friendly.

It’s time for you to consider the cost benefits of having an artificial lawn for your California home. Stop messing around with leaky sprinkler systems or polluting the air with a gas-powered lawn mower, weed eater and leaf blower. Talk to a Back Nine Greens representative today and join our long list of satisfied residential artificial grass customers!

Back Nine Greens now has three showrooms to help California residents see and feel our many artificial grass options. Visit us in Palm Desert, San Francisco and Tustin! We are well-versed in California’s drought concerns, as well as the artificial grass rebate programs, so get started on your synthetic turf installation today! Schedule for a free quote via phone 800.583.6619 or with our contact form.

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