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A perfect breeze, a magical view. You’re grilling a juicy ribeye and enjoying a nice, frosty lager. Where are you? Your backyard. And there’s only one thing that could make this moment better… knowing your pooch is as happy as you are.

You love your pup. They’re your perfect friend, your constant companion — always ready to play with you and make you laugh or curl up next to you after a long day. That’s why you give your dog the very best.
But, there are certain challenges that come with raising a dog. For starters, they can make a real mess when doing their business in your yard. And while clean-up is never pleasant, it can be easier (and safer).

You see, even though natural grass has its advantages, there are also significant drawbacks, especially when it comes to your pet.

Why Synthetic Grass Beats Natural Grass When it Comes to Your Pet

If you’re dealing with natural grass, chances are you’re not actually cleaning up as well as you think you are. Natural grass is more prone to hold onto pet waste. This could result in a less than sanitary environment and you could even end up exposing Fido to harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Furthermore, your pooch might pick up and track some of that waste with their paws. This could mean they’re even trafficking bits of waste into your home. Of course, nobody wants that — not even your dog.

But, with a beautifully-crafted, perfectly installed synthetic lawn, you’ll never experience discolored patches or natural wear and tear. And solid waste is a cinch to remove, not to mention liquid waste runs right through the fibers of a synthetic green. On occasion, give your synthetic lawn a rinse with a hose and your green will be good as new. Plus, synthetic turf doesn’t hold onto unpleasant odors the way natural grass does.
Another incredible bonus: Expertly crafted and tightly woven, synthetic turf is virtually impossible for your dog to dig through. The resilience of a tailor-made synthetic lawn is unparalleled by natural grass. And you can say goodbye to dirt and mud tracked into your home by your pooch. Plus, you’ll save on your water bill as you won’t need to maintain your yard with daily watering.

In the End…

Your best friend will stay cleaner (and healthier) because synthetic grass also helps deter fleas and ticks. Furthermore, synthetic grass is lead-free and non-toxic to animals and to the environment in general.

So it turns out, you and your pup can enjoy a truly drought-friendly alternative to traditional grass. Your luxury synthetic lawn will demand virtually no upkeep, maintenance, no water, and you’ll be pleased to play on a lush, gorgeous lawn year-round… your four-legged friend will love it too.

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