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If you’re tired of having the highest handicap of your group, it’s time to consider backyard putting greens from Back Nine Greens. Golf is a social game, and the one with the highest handicap often gets the most ribbing from friends. 

Many times, the reason for having a high handicap is a bad short game. If you can get to the hole in only a few drives, but it takes three or four times to get it into the hole on the green, your handicap will obviously suffer. 

The main key to perfecting your golf game is practice. When you invest in artificial golf turf, watch your handicap improve every time you go out. Learn about the many benefits of investing in a backyard putting green and how it can improve your golf game.

The Privacy You Need

How often do you get to practice your putting? If you’re like most people, it’s the occasional weekend game where the pressure is on. It’s hard to learn when competing with your friends and coworkers. So you need a place to practice privately.

Mini golf courses could work, but there are lots of people around. It can be just as nerve-wracking as being on the golf course. Backyard putting greens are professionally created greens that look and feel like golf courses.

You can practice in the privacy of your backyard. No prying eyes to see you miss that putt again and again or see you cry for joy when you finally make it.

Practice When You Want

What’s the most challenging part of improving your golf game? It’s finding the time. If you want time on the course, you need a tee time. You need to drive in traffic to make it to the course and wait because they’re behind.

Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to spend time playing on your backyard putting green. There’s no limit. There’s no line. It’s just you and hours of playing time. Play for a few hours and take a break. Enjoy a beverage or head out to enjoy other activities.

The greens are there when you get back. It takes consistent practice to improve your golf game, and you finally have the time and place. Everyone else’s game is stagnant, but you improve your handicap every time you go golfing.

Backyard Golf Green That Fit Your Needs

Is there a specific problem you have with the course? Back Nine Greens doesn’t do cookie cutter. Instead, we work with you to create the perfect green for your needs. We develop luxurious backyard putting greens that play to your weaknesses so you can improve.

If everyone’s golf game were the same, then the same greens for everyone would be fine. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so you need artificial putting greens that look professional and help you improve your game. We want you satisfied, so let us help you develop the best greens for your needs. Our professionals are golfers too, so they know exactly what you’re going through and what you need.

Play Golf Instead of Maintaining Grass

Do you have any idea how long it takes to make natural grass greens look amazing? It takes hours of work, countless gallons of water, and polluting chemicals to keep weeds and pests at bay. You don’t have the time for that, which makes artificial grass perfect.

It has the look and feel of natural grass without maintenance. You don’t need to waste money watering it or hiring people to come and maintain it. It looks great all year long, no matter the weather.

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Back Nine Greens are professionals and have a reputation for superior service and products. If you want a backyard putting green, don’t hesitate to call us. Our experts are standing by to help you with all your questions.

If you’re tired of having the highest golf handicap of your friends, then your best option is our artificial putting greens. Contact us today and get a free quote. 

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