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It sure seems like every month’s water bill has a message urging you to conserve your water, and you’re doing everything possible to stop overuse of water, including letting your landscape go. Currently your lawn looks like no one has maintained it for the better part of the year, and you have guests coming for the holidays. Making a good first impression has always been your mantra, but you wonder how you can take the dull brown, lifeless grass and make it into something that’s worthy of showing off for your guests.

Back Nine Greens has your solution: artificial grass lawns. It is possible to incorporate artificial turf into your existing Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco landscaping without overspending or sending a wrecking ball into your entire yard. Regardless of whether you’re entertaining for the holidays or prepping your home for sale, artificial turf can help maximize your residential property’s value in curb appeal through aesthetics alone.

How to Incorporate Artificial Lawn Landscaping in Los Angeles
You must first determine the color tone that will best fit into your yard. Think about the different colors that will be surrounding it: your home exterior paint, sidewalk tones, mulches, plant flowers and leaves. You want your grass to blend in with its surroundings so it looks natural. Our representatives take all of these factors into consideration when conducting free consultations for prospective customers of Orange County artificial lawns and help steer you to a great color combination of our many synthetic turf options.

Our turf is very versatile; we can put it anywhere no matter the shape of the space. Consider curving it around natural drought-friendly shrubs or making linear patterns alongside any sidewalks. You can also make a beautiful pattern mixed with slate tile or opt for the classic kidney-pool shape.

What Else Should I Consider for my Fake Lawn in San Francisco?
If your lawn has plants and trees that are water guzzlers, you might want to switch them out for drought-friendly foliage. For example, if you have sloped landscape, fight soil erosion with plants that provide great ground cover and will enrich your water conservative soil. Depending on sun exposure, you might want to explore the colorful options of Blue-Eyed Grass, California Fuschia, California Redbud, or Twinberry Honeysuckle (Las Virgenes Water District). Other drought tolerant flowers and ground cover options include Canyon Live-Forever, Desert or Apricot Mallow, the Penstemons family, Western Blue Flax, Douglas Iris, and Sulphur Buckwheat. All of these can make beautiful, water-conservative curb appeal for residential synthetic lawns throughout San Francisco.

Pet odor control is something else to be mindful of. Back Nine Greens’ artificial turf is 100-percent lead free and is great for pets. We are a distributor for ZeoFill odor-fighting infill products, ideal for combatting any pet urine odors on our fake turf grasses.

Orange County, CA synthetic lawns are on the rise, and it’s not too late to participate in any water conservation rebate programs throughout Southern California. Call to have a Back Nine Greens representative give you a FREE consultation of our products and receive assistance in shopping for the artificial turf rebate program in your area! You can reach us at 800.583.6619, so call today!

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