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While artificial turf is considered to be low maintenance compared to real grass, it does require a bit of cleaning up at times. You won’t have to mow or water your lawn, but you will want to rake leaves so they don’t pile up.

Removing leaves and other debris from your new artificial lawn is a fairly simple task. This is a great chore to assign to kids! However, getting ourselves to enjoy some fresh air and a bit of exercise can be enjoyable as well.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up any large debris including twigs and branches after storms. Leaving these heavy objects on your artificial grass has the potential of causing damage to the turf’s mesh fabric.

When choosing a rake, you don’t want to use anything that might damage your lawn itself. There are rakes designed especially for synthetic turfs which feature nylon tines. Other good rake options include metal, bamboo, or push brooms. If the leaves are dry, using a leaf blower is another great option. If the leaves are wet, use a shop vac or air blower on a low setting.

Power brooms pick up debris as you sweep, making the process even easier. You can also use this tool for cleaning up your driveway or sidewalk. And there are attachments available as well to perform other home-related tasks.

About every three months you’ll want to use a stiff natural bristle broom. This will give your artificial turf’s blades a fluff and restore areas that may have been matted down. You may want to perform this task more frequently for high traffic areas.

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