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Maintaining real grass can be quite a chore, with all the mowing, weed eating, and watering necessary to keep it looking good. In addition to the many other benefits artificial grass has to offer, it’s also easier to clean than natural grass. Artificial turf requires little maintenance which can save you time, effort, and money.

Removing Debris
If you already have an artificial lawn, you’ll want to remove large pieces of debris from trees or bushes. This is typically more common after a storm blows through. You’ll need to be sure to keep the lawn looking neat and removing debris also helps the turf’s mesh fabric not to be damaged.

Vacuuming and Lawn Blowing
You can use the same vacuum you use indoors on your outdoor artificial turf. You might need to adjust the settings on your vacuum and you may find that certain brands or models work better than others. Lawn blowers are also effective instruments for quick lawn cleanup.

Lawn Rakes
You can use a lawn rake to remove leaves and small debris from your artificial lawn surface. For a larger lawn you can attach them to riding lawn mowers, and for smaller areas, manual may be the best way to go. Use a handheld rake through the infill which will allow air to dry it out, prevent odor, and straighten the blades of grass.

Rinsing Your Lawn
One of the most important and easiest ways to clean your artificial lawn is by rinsing it down with a hose. This can eliminate pet residue if you have them, and can also dilute odors and rinse off any small debris whether you have pets or not.

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