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Only artificial grass looks pristine and green when Mother Nature decides to keep the rain away. Unfortunately, there are many places where droughts are common. Areas go weeks without rain, leading to brown spots and dead grass that makes your traditional lawn look horrible.

One way to combat an ugly lawn is by watering it, but you’re wasting a valuable resource. Many cities impose restrictions on how much water you can use in a day. Would you rather use the water for showering and cooking or watering your grass?

Artificial grass by Back Nine Greens lets you have a beautiful lawn without all the maintenance issues that come with a traditional grass lawn. If your area frequently suffers through drought, give up all that maintenance by choosing a beautiful luxury artificial grass lawn. The popularity of artificial grass grows each year. 

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No Water, No Problem

How much money do you spend on watering your lawn in a year? If you’re in an area hit by a drought, then it’s likely hundreds of dollars, if not more. If there is a water limit and you break it, you get fined by your city.

Often we all take water for granted. It’s always been a plentiful resource, but droughts make it scarce. Wells dry up, and lawns become dry and brown. The only way to fix it is to water it, but how can you do that when water is scarce? And even if you water your traditional grass, it won’t be green for long. It may not even get green in the first place. The only way to have a green lawn all year long is artificial turf.

Artificial grass is the answer to conserving water and having a lawn you can enjoy year round. It doesn’t grow or need water to survive. When your neighbors risk the ire of the city by watering their dry lawn, yours looks lush and green with no effort at all. 

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Choose from a Variety of Grass

When people think about artificial grass, they imagine the harsh, ugly green plastic stuff from the 60s and 70s. Artificial turf has come a long way. It looks 100 percent natural, and you’ll have difficulty differentiating it from natural grass.

Back Nine Greens doesn’t just offer one type of artificial grass, but several. Options and versatility are essential in creating a unique look. You don’t want the same artificial grass as your neighbors, so we made many different types so that you can pick out the perfect turf for you. And we optimize the look of your lawn for absolute luxury, durability and aesthetics.

Don’t let a drought keep you from a lush green lawn. Instead, choose from a wide selection of artificial grass that looks gorgeous. 

Pays For Itself in the Long Run

Many people think artificial grass is too expensive, but it pays for itself in maintenance savings. There is an upfront cost to purchase the grass and install it, but that’s it. If you live in a drought-impacted area, it costs considerable money to water it.

You save the cost of the artificial turf in a few years just in water-saving costs. This doesn’t include the cost associated with mowing a traditional lawn or hiring people to add chemicals to keep the weeds at bay, which you also save. 

While your neighbors continue to shell out thousands of dollars every year, you’re sitting back and enjoying a maintenance-free green lawn. Unfortunately, the world is changing, and droughts are more prevalent year after year. Don’t risk a brown and dreary yard when you can have a green one all year long.

Get Artificial Grass from the Professionals

Back Nine Greens is well known for its amazing products and superior service. Our professionals know everything there is to know about artificial turf. If you have any questions, then we have the answers.
We work with you to choose the perfect turf from our wide selection of luxury artificial grass lawn solutions. We won’t rest until you’ve got what you want. If you want to learn more about artificial grass and its many benefits, please contact us today and get a free quote.

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