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Back Nine Greens provides luxury putting greens and artificial grass lawns to homes, businesses, and other recreational spaces across Florida communities. In the realm of outdoor aesthetics and recreation, there is a growing trend towards luxury and customization. One company that stands at the forefront of this movement is Back Nine Greens. Renowned for our expertise in crafting premium artificial grass putting greens and a range of other artificial turf installations, the craftsmen at Back Nine Greens seamlessly combine luxury with functionality, elevating outdoor spaces to new heights in Florida.


    Luxurious Putting Greens for Backyards and Businesses

    For golf enthusiasts and professionals alike, having a high-quality putting green at home or at their place of business is a game-changer. Back Nine Greens specializes in creating custom-designed, luxury putting greens that not only mimic the look and feel of traditional grass but also offer unparalleled durability and performance.

    Using state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge technology, Back Nine Greens ensures that every putting green we install is tailored to each client’s specifications. From size and shape to undulations and fringe details, every aspect is meticulously crafted to provide an authentic putting experience right in the comfort of your Florida backyard or office space.

    Our high-end backyard putting greens are not just for leisure; they are also ideal for professional golfers looking to hone their skills without having to venture far from home. With precise ball roll and realistic green speeds, putting greens from Back Nine Greens offer a training experience that rivals that of professional golf courses.

    Artificial grass lawn installed by Back Nine greens

    Artificial Grass for Residential Lawns and Commercial Landscaping

    Beyond putting greens, Back Nine Greens offers a wide range of artificial grass solutions for residential lawns and commercial landscaping projects in Florida. Our premium synthetic turf not only looks lush and vibrant year-round but also requires minimal maintenance, saving both time and resources for homeowners and businesses alike.

    Whether it is transforming a dull backyard into a verdant oasis or revamping a commercial property with lush greenery, artificial grass installations from Back Nine Greens add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any outdoor space. With options ranging from ultra-realistic artificial grass lawns for homes to commercial-grade artificial grass landscaping, our team caters to a diverse array of needs and preferences across the state.

    Artificial Dog and Pet Grass

    Pet owners understand the struggle of maintaining a luxury lawn in the face of constant wear and tear from furry friends. At Back Nine Greens, our artificial pet grass offers a solution that is both practical and luxurious. Designed to help withstand heavy foot traffic and resist stains and odors, our synthetic dog and pet turf provides a safer and more hygienic environment for pets to play and roam.

    Playground Turf

    Safety is a top concern when it comes to Florida playgrounds, which is why Back Nine Greens offers artificial playground grass that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality. Our synthetic playground surfaces provide a softer and more cushioned landing for children while also providing excellent drainage and overall durability. With vibrant colors and a lush appearance, high-end playground turf from Back Nine Greens enhances the overall appeal of nearly any recreational or play area.

    Locations Served in Florida

    At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass options and luxury putting greens are available to homeowners and businesses alike across many Florida communities, including:

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    From custom-designed, luxury putting greens to premium artificial turf installations for residential and commercial spaces, Back Nine Greens sets the standard for luxury and quality in Florida. With our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we continue to redefine outdoor living and recreation – one luxurious green space at a time. Whether you are a golf aficionado, a homeowner looking to elevate your lawn, or a business owner seeking to enhance your property’s curb appeal, Back Nine Greens has the expertise and solutions to help bring your vision to life. 

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