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What could you do with 62 gallons of water? That may be a difficult question to answer, so instead think of then what could you do with an extra $400 or more a month? If you have a 10’x10’ natural grass lawn, and you plan to water it daily for a month, your water bill could be nearly $450, and that’s not counting the actual amount of water you use within the home. This number does not take into account the other costs of maintaining a natural turf lawn. Adding the cost of fuel, lawn tools, and fertilizer can inflate this number by hundreds of dollars.

As a measure to help curb excessive water usage, especially outdoors, the California Water Commission passed an ordinance last summer that limits turf on new properties to 25 percent of the entire property size, residential and commercial. While this ordinance helps reduce the amount of lawn you need to water, it still comes at a cost. HomeAdvisor’s handy mowing and maintenance calculator can give you an idea of the annual average costs for lawn maintenance in your area. In Southern California, you could be looking at about $210 for a day of lawn maintenance. If you were to do this type of service weekly for an entire year, even with today’s watering limits, that average comes out to nearly $11,000! That’s the cost of a new vehicle for your teenager or a home remodeling project!

What are some other cost-efficient lawn options for Southern California?
You could adopt desert-style landscaping with drought-friendly cacti and rock material. It can be costly to install, and you will need to resurface the area on a consistent basis to help prevent weed growth. You could also install some artificial grass to replace the natural turf at your Orange County home or business. On average, the installation costs tend to be around $8-15 per square foot. On a 10’x10’ lawn, this could vary in price from $800 to $1500 (for a 100 sq. ft. lawn) depending on the turf type, plus any other installation fees. The benefit of going this route is that lush green look is built to last under direct sunlight for years to come. In fact, Back Nine Green’s artificial turf products have a warranty that protects the integrity of the turf composition for up to 15 years. Paying only $1500 for 15 years of no lawn maintenance certainly beats $11,000 a year!

It’s time for Southern California homeowners to really look at their monthly expenses associated with traditional lawns. It’s also time for you to start thinking about the future. If you are looking to sell your home, dull, crispy and brown lawns have a negative impact on curb appeal and could cause offers to come in under the asking price. $11,000 could mean a world of difference to the quality of education your kids can have or even that trip you’ve always wanted to take. Making the decision to switch to Back Nine Greens’ products will improve the quality of life you have with your family by saving you money in the long run.

Our installations range from lawns, sports courts, putting greens, playgrounds, and pet areas. Our sales representatives are here to help you upgrade your lawn. If you’re ready to feel the difference that an artificial grass lawn can provide you at your Orange County or Palm Desert home, contact us today!

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