Key Topics

Infill Vs. No Infill

In nature, grass blades are resilient because of the root-to-blade nutrient process. Synthetically, we can mimic the effect with artificial grass using tufted polypropylene thatch backing that supports a softer polyethylene blade.

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Water Rebates

In recent years, California has been deeply affected by harsh droughts. It’s no surprise that with over 37 million people using water every day, water shortages are quite common. In response, California is encouraging water conservation …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of artificial turf?

Looks good all year round, doing your part on water conservation, no staining, no adjacent concrete, eliminate cars with overspray from water, reduce gardening bill, no over-seeding or fertilization, no broken sprinklers.

What makes your turf different from your competitors?

Back Nine Greens only uses the highest quality products available to them in the current time.

How hot does the turf get?

It does not radiate heat, but it does hold the heat. Although, the melting point of turf is 170 degrees.

How long is the installation process?

Depends on the size of the job, could be a day, weeks or a month.

What warranties do you offer?

2 year workmanship warranty and 15 year manufacturer’s warranty

Does water drain through the turf?

Yes, drains up to 30gal/hr per square yard.

How much maintenance does turf need?

Depends on the use, could be every year.

How tough is turf?

Tough enough for a car to drive on.

Will weed grow through turf?

It can, but typically it does not. Depends on the prep work. The only weeds we see is nut-grass.

Can turf catch on fire?

If it’s hot enough, it will melt. 170 degrees is the melting point.