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In Palm Springs, CA, the Desert Water Agency has added additional funds to their artificial turf rebate program, making it more cost-effective than ever to invest in high-end synthetic grass from Back Nine Greens. This rebate program – like many similar artificial grass rebate programs available across California – is a win-win for everyone: water agencies, homeowners, business owners, Back Nine Greens, and Californians in general. By encouraging more property owners to switch to synthetic turf, such as the luxurious artificial grass from Back Nine Greens, home and business owners in Palm Springs, CA can help save water and money without having to sacrifice owning a gorgeous green lawn or landscape.

California Communities and the Need for Drought-Friendly Surfaces

Sadly, the entirety of California is in the midst of a drought. As such, many local governments and water agencies are taking steps to help conserve water, and one of the most common is to reduce water waste. There are several ways homeowners, businesses, and other properties and people in California can help conserve this precious resource; however, one of the simplest and most effective is to stop watering traditional grass. 

Conventional grass lawns and landscapes often require hundreds to thousands to millions of gallons of water per year, depending on their size. They are some of California’s largest water hogs. In fact, according to data from the Desert Water Agency, over 70% of water in the Coachella Valley is used outdoors. And unfortunately, there is little that outdoor grass surfaces offer in return for using all of that water – other than green surfaces at homes, businesses, and parks. 

Thankfully, artificial grass from Back Nine Greens provides properties in Palm Springs, CA and other California communities the ability to attain drought-friendly lawns and landscapes. Our synthetic turf is soft, gorgeous, and green, and best of all, it never needs to be watered.

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Desert Water Agency Increases Funds for Artificial Grass Rebate Program

Switching to artificial turf can be an investment, especially for larger properties. Fortunately, the Desert Water Agency serving Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and Desert Hot Springs, CA is making it even more affordable! The agency is doing this through a grass removal program. 

The Desert Water Agency’s grass removal incentive program began back in 2014. However, in this past year, they have recently updated the program to encourage more property owners to make the switch to artificial turf. In July 2022, the agency increased the rebate rate to $3.00 per square foot of traditional grass removed. And now, the Desert Water Agency has increased its budget for the program by $2 million. As a result, more customers in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and Desert Hot Springs, CA can apply for the rebate and help their communities conserve water.

Switch to Luxurious Synthetic Grass From Back Nine Greens 

With the artificial grass rebate in Palm Springs, CA from the Desert Water Agency, now is a better time than ever to switch to high-quality synthetic turf from Back Nine Greens. We offer a variety of artificial turf surfaces with different shades of green, blade heights, and other factors. We even provide specialized synthetic grass products, such as pet and dog grass, playground turf, and artificial golf greens.  

By installing our high-end artificial grass on your residential or commercial property, you can help conserve water without having to sacrifice a luxurious green lawn or landscape. And the benefits do not stop there! At Back Nine Greens, our synthetic turf is also highly durable and low maintenance, making it a long-lasting and even more cost-effective surfacing option. 

Best of all, the team at Back Nine Greens not only supplies high-end synthetic grass but also provides luxurious artificial turf design and professional installation. 

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Synthetic turf rebates from the Desert Water Agency make switching to artificial grass from Back Nine Greens more affordable than ever for Palm Springs, CA home and business owners. With $2 million in additional funds added to the program, now is the time to consult with Back Nine Greens on your artificial turf project. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our stellar turf products and services!

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