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Artificial Turf is a Safer, Cleaner Surface

Back Nine Greens is a premier provider of luxurious artificial grass and playground turf for daycares and schools in California as well as communities across the United States. Daycares and schools are crucial parts of their communities. They care for and educate our most precious loved ones. Because of this, daycares and schools need to have safer, higher-quality facilities, which also include the surfaces of their play areas. Our gorgeous, green turf is ideal for these essential parts of our communities because it can help keep children safer and healthier while playing. Yet, these are not the only benefits our artificial grass products can offer play areas! In many schools and daycares across the United States, materials like natural grass, sand, and wood chips are used for outdoor and some indoor playgrounds and play areas. Although these options may be some of the most popular, they are nowhere near the most ideal for promoting safety and cleanliness for playing children. One of the most significant issues is that these surfaces are highly impressionable. Traditional sod can develop holes or divots that create trip hazards, while sand and wood chips can become unevenly distributed over time, which can also create trip hazards and, in some cases, expose harder surfaces below like concrete. These surfaces are also difficult to clean and keep clean, which can expose children to unpredictable types of bacteria and other germs. Fortunately, for daycares and schools in the United States, there is a much safer, more secure, and easier-to-clean option for surfacing playgrounds and play areas: artificial turf. At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass and playground turf are made from high-quality synthetic materials. This makes them less impressionable to foot traffic and play, so they can provide a consistent, even surface. Their synthetic nature also makes them easy to clean and keep clean, which helps provide children with more hygienic spaces for playtime

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Further Benefits of Artificial Grass & Playground Turf

Aside from greater durability and cleanliness, artificial grass and playground turf from Back Nine Greens is also safer for impacts, low maintenance, and healthier for toddlers, teens, and adults enjoying it.


At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass and playground turf both provide soft surfaces with padding underneath. However, our playground turf, in particular, offers extra padding. In doing so, it can help prevent potentially serious injuries that can happen as a result of impacting it, including falls from playground equipment and more. Ultimately, this can help keep children playing safer.


Unlike living grass and other kinds of surfaces, artificial grass and playground turf are remarkably low maintenance. Our synthetic turf products do not need to be irrigated, trimmed with a lawnmower, or chemically treated to prevent weeds. As a result, schools and daycares can save time and money on landscaping expenses. The only maintenance necessary with our artificial turf and playground grass is an occasional cleaning. This can easily be accomplished by spraying the turf with water from a hose because all of our synthetic grass products are quick-draining. So you can worry less about pooling water and filthy play areas!


Our luxurious artificial grass and playground turf for schools and daycares are healthier surfacing materials for anyone enjoying them. This is primarily due to their synthetic makeup. As a result, our artificial turf does not produce grass allergens, which keeps it from triggering grass allergies. In addition, our hyper-realistic synthetic grass fibers are inhospitable to bugs and rodents, making them less likely to nest in our turf.

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At Back Nine Greens, our luxurious artificial turf products, including our commercial artificial grass and playground turf, help provide optimal surfaces for playgrounds and play areas in daycares and schools across the United States. Our synthetic turf products can help make these areas safer, healthier, and more hygienic without requiring time-consuming or costly maintenance. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free consultation!



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