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Turf for Apartments


Artificial Grass Provides Peace of Mind Knowing You Made the Right Investment for Your Property

Back Nine Greens can help transform your apartment buildings or complex across the United States with our luxurious artificial grass products. From synthetic landscaping grass to highly specialized playground turf, we have the high-end artificial surfacing you need to not only attract renters but help keep maintenance costs manageable as well. Learn more about all that Back Nine Greens has to offer today by scheduling a free consultation!

Luxurious Apartment Landscaping

For apartment complexes and buildings in California and other communities across the United States, there must be a fine balance between aesthetics and expenses. Apartments must impress their tenants, and one of the best ways to do this is by having captivating outdoor areas for them to enjoy. However, natural landscaping is often costly and time-consuming. Instead, apartments across the country can invest in high-end artificial grass from Back Nine Greens. Our verdant artificial turf products create gorgeous and inviting outdoor spaces while requiring little upkeep. As a result, our luxurious artificial grass can help fulfill the needs of renters and owners. The benefits of installing artificial grass products from Back Nine Greens include:

  • Captivating, evergreen landscaping
  • Green spaces that can help attract renters
  • Cutting property maintenance costs
  • Owning long-lasting surfaces
  • Environmentally-friendly landscaping
  • Fewer natural grass allergens
  • Greenery that is inhospitable to pests
  • Water-conserving landscaping

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    Applications for Artificial Turf for Apartments

    At Back Nine Greens, we offer our clients a number of specialized artificial grass and synthetic turf products. These products can help fulfill different needs and circumstances. For apartments, our artificial turf products can create varying green spaces to address unique situations for owners and renters alike.

    LAWNS &

    By working with us at Back Nine Greens, your apartment building or complex gains access not only to luxurious artificial grass for lawns and landscaping but also to artificial grass experts. Our team can help identify suitable high-end synthetic grass for your property and ensure it is installed properly. As a result, our clients receive extravagant green expanses that will last for years to come.


    For pet-friendly apartment buildings and complexes, our synthetic pet turf can be a cleaner and consistently green addition for tenants and their furry friends. Unlike natural grass, our artificial pet and dog grass cannot be killed by pet waste and is easy to clean! In doing so, it affords more consistently green, clean, and inviting spaces that renters and their pets can enjoy.


    If your apartment complex or building is looking to attract families with children, consider constructing a playground with our safer, more durable artificial playground turf. Playgrounds of nearly any kind are fantastic additions to family-friendly apartments. However, your apartment complex or building can make them even more impressive with our synthetic playground grass, which comes with enhanced durability and extra cushioning to help avoid injuries.


    While standard artificial grass can create inviting green spaces, at Back Nine Greens, we also offer synthetic turf products tailored specifically for use for entertaining sports like golf and bocce ball or pickleball. Our luxury golf greens are among the best in the artificial grass industry. We personally tailor them to each client, crafting putting greens, short courses, and more that can be enjoyed by amateur and professional golfers alike.

    At Back Nine Greens, we also offer artificial turf for bocce ball courts. Our bocce court material provides a dependable playing surface that is fully optimized for the game. It can be an entertaining addition for renters to utilize day in and out.


    High-end artificial grass is an exceptional material for reclaiming unused or underused spaces in apartment complexes and buildings. Several areas like patios, rooftops, and balconies are often wasted. However, apartment owners can make these spaces much more inviting for tenants by installing patches of artificial grass. Our artificial grass for apartment balcony spaces and more make them greener and far more comfortable.

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    Make your apartment building or complex in the United States more luxurious with high-end artificial grass from Back Nine Greens! Our extravagant synthetic turf products fulfill a variety of needs for apartment owners and renters. It can be the opulent addition you need to impress potential tenants while reducing maintenance costs. So contact us (Goes to Contact) at Back Nine Greens today to schedule a free consultation.


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