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Contemporary Art in Commercial Spaces

At Back Nine Greens, we offer expert commercial artificial grass design and installation services to aid businesses in California and other areas across the United States. Our many luxurious synthetic turf types can help address the needs of various commercial spaces and consumers. And with our devoted artificial turf craftsman, we can tailor our synthetic surfaces to best fit nearly any space.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Synthetic Turf Design & Installation?

Passion, patience, and a deep love of detail — that’s where our master craftsmen begin. Our team of veteran craftsmen is devoted to custom tailoring the ideal synthetic grass space for any desired commercial application. Whatever your vision, we can transform your space into a well-appointed, green work of art. And you have our word that the process will be timely, pleasant, and cost-effective. We accept nothing less than 100 percent client satisfaction. Commercial landscapes do not just happen on their own. Inspired spaces and sustainable garden areas have to be carefully designed. Shaping your commercial landscape design requires a good eye and a honed understanding of how you would like your space to withstand the test of time. That’s why, at Back Nine Greens, our team of master installers takes pride in transforming even the most drought-affected lawns into breathtaking landscapes. Wandering our green spaces, you can feel as though you’re spending the day in a sophisticated gallery or leisure garden. And once you have upgraded the aesthetics of your property, it will be clear to see you have added substantial value and curb appeal to your Southern California or other communities around the United States commercial property.

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    Impress Clients & Save Money with Artificial Grass

    Routine lawn maintenance in the Los Angeles metro area can cost up to $250 per session for 1000 square feet of space. So in just one year, Orange County businesses can expect to spend around $6,500 on lawn maintenance alone. But just think of what you could do with that money if you didn’t have to spend it on traditional grass upkeep year after year.

    With our low-maintenance artificial grass, you can invest your saved business funds in upping your product development, enhancing your advertising, or even improving your customer service. So allow us at Back Nine Greens to transform your space and help you grow your business. You can impress nearly every client who knocks on your door with an evergreen space that can endure any drought.

    By working with us, you can choose a synthetic lawn to create the right mood to suit any season and bring the feel of contemporary art to your business space. With our commercial artificial grass, you can:

    • Invite guests to enjoy your sprawling hotel, resort, and casino lawn
    • Wander through our striking grassy spaces along walkways and shopping centers
    • Enjoy sustainability and vibrant, verdant colors in all four seasons
    • Deck out rooftop spaces for offices, high-rise condos, and townhomes
    • Evoke a park-like feeling for daycare and elementary school playgrounds
    • Enhance courtyards and atriums for industry complexes
    • Create welcoming dog park spaces for multifamily properties
    • Perfect putting greens and tee lines at country clubs and golf facilities

    Each of our high-end synthetic turf products is highly adaptable and can be designed to create recreational spaces of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.


    Add art to your next construction project and let Back Nine Greens support you with the largest and most affordable selection of faux turf applications in the industry. Coordinating large-scale construction projects is no easy feat. That’s why Back Nine Greens values our relationship with the best local landscape contractors and architects. We value true collaboration and are happy to share our expertly-crafted, luxurious artificial turf with the most reputable contractors at an incredibly cost-effective price.

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    We are a national synthetic lawn supplier. We can provide you with cutting-edge synthetic turf products to help you accentuate your residential and commercial projects. Benefits of working with us as a contractor or landscaper:

    • Our synthetic grass applications are always available to contractors at wholesale pricing
    • Our master craftsmen are happy to provide installation tutorials and project guidance
    • Our simulated turf applications are perfect for all commercial locations, including apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels, casino foyers, sports fields, municipal parks, playgrounds, car dealerships, and more

    When it comes to high-end synthetic grass that appears to be real and mimics natural grass, our luxury greens are among the most versatile and durable artificial grass products on the market. And our detail-oriented artificial grass and faux lawn designers and installers are eager to collaborate with contractors and architects to make memorable commercial spaces that attract attention and stand the test of time.

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    At Back Nine Greens, our many high-end artificial grass products help fulfill the various surfacing needs of commercial businesses across the country. Whether your business desires a cost-effective synthetic landscape, an artificial golf green, or safer playground surfacing, we have the artificial turf, design expertise, and quality installation service necessary to help bring those dreams to life. So contact us today to learn more!


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