Back Nine Greens Dealer Program

BNG Dealer Program

BNG Dealer Program

Back Nine Greens

#1 Artificial Golf Design & Build Company in the World

  • Back Nine Greens has over 26 years of industry experience and has artfully drafted/constructed over 25,000 tailor-made greens.
  • Established customer trust and systems in the Artificial-Grass industry, enabling our dealers to stand out from competitors.
  • Limitless architectural capabilities to create unforgettable landscapes and innovative designs.
  • Team of highly-trained specialists, including master craftsmen, lead designers and architects, united by a shared passion for the art and love of their work.
  • Back Nine Greens’ creations are of top quality and specifically designed to withstand all climates, ensuring their longevity.
  • Global Brand Recognition
  • Access to Certified Golf Architects around the world
  • Affiliated with the biggest artificial turf manufacturers in the world
  • Access to commercial golf entertainment leads (i.e.TopGolf andPopstroke).
  • Oldest artificial grass company in CA—originally owned since 1997, with nearly 3 decades of experience in sales, education, and operations
  • Expert installation on the most elaborate artificial grass golf
    complexes both residential and commercial
  • Celebrity endorsements/partnerships: Jim Nantz, JoshAllen, Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Thompson, Cindy Crawford & Randy Gerber, Blake Griffin, Jerry West, Discovery Land Project, Steve Garvey, James Shields and Darius Rucker
  • Price boost of minimum 20% of previous $/sf on putting greens
  • Potential to add/sell more dealers to come on board both parties.
  • Competitive & exclusive Turf products
  • Exclusive Protected Territory
  • Marketing: social media assistance and affiliation, dedicated webpage on, pin-point advertising strategies, TV Buy at low-cost
  • Portfolio of photos of projects and notable projects for marketing and promotion
  • Harness brand power to gain more clients
  • Access to BNG approved Golf Architects & Designers, planning. (CAD details, GPS Drone Capabilities)
  • Access to fully trained BNG Master Craftsmen turf installers for specialty projects
  • Immediate business relationships, project associations and maintenance contracts for projects in your territory (i.e. TopGolf, Popstroke, notable artificial grass installations)
  • Annual Dealer Meetings
  • Become part of a national client network
  • Purchasing assistance for buying power.
  • Ongoing support with day-to-day operations
  • Comprehensive one-time training by BNG, onsite training at a job or location of your choice
  • Support begins with an introductory live call from your Regional Team Consultant.
  • Back Nine Greens will visit for training at the dealer office/on-site jobs.
  • Each dealer will have a one-time expense paid On-Site job training where BNG corporate staff will travel to a job site or location of your choice for on-field training. Further training is readily available.
  • Get comprehensive training on how to properly cost your projects from maximum profit.
  • BNG focuses on ideal day-to-day operations training to minimize profit loss.
  • Learn efficient detail at the end of every job for best finish look.

Each partner will receive a dedicated, full-time Regional Manager for their territory. The Regional Manager is available for 24-hour support to assist with items such as:

  • Job Costing
  • Design Inquiries
  • Job operation and logistics
  • Installation training
  • BNG installer coordination
  • More

Support by way of phone calls, Virtual, emails etc. Periodic Office/Site visits are also available.

  • Access to the entirety of BNG’s photo and video archive for advertising.
    • Alternatively, corporate can advertise for dealers at an expense/month rate.
  • Back Nine Greens will promote dealers by showcasing their work on our social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Social media campaign to kick off new location and services for that territory.
  • It can take many years and is costly to develop a reputable golf brand. This partnership will put those miles ahead of the competition.
  • By leveraging BNG brand equity, you can increase sales, dramatically increase win rate, target new audiences, and BNG’s creative assets.
  • Major jump on Golf Entertainment to get ahead of the market.
  • BNG to do all training necessary to build a reputation on both the putting green side and leverage the lawn side.
  • Boost each dealer’s local presence with a new market of clients—leads to more jobs being done and turf installed, expanding each dealer.

Main goal: Grow each dealer with our level of expertise & grow the number of dealers in the next 3 years will allow for significant purchasing power for each dealer.

  • Back Nine Greens will require an up-front capital investment to establish and maintain the necessary support.
  • BNG to receive a percentage of revenue for all putting greens sold under BNG Licensing Dealer Agreement.
  • Each dealer will have access to BNG Exclusive putting surface (sand-filled and texturized), Putting green pad, first-cut apron, rough, tee line, and bunker turf.
  • Turf products are exclusively sold to BNG and dealers.
  • Dealer Licenses Back Nine Greens name to Dealer.
  • Dealer has access to Back Nine Greens photos and marketing materials (BNG to approve Dealer marketing details).
  • Dealers pay discounted fees to use BNG installers on jobs (includes shapers, architects, and designer). *Optional
  • BNG to field calls —BNG can qualify leads to better closing opportunity.
  • Expert Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Website Pictures/Videos
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Strategies TV/Billboards
  • XM Radio
  • Brochures/Flyer Templates
  • Golf Relations: Head Pros, Superintendents, GMs, Caddies
  • Golf Shapers /Architects
  • Landscape Architects
  • Sponsored Events, Outings & Tournaments with Corporate approval
  • Golf Balls & Apparel for clients
  • Annual Conventions
  • Builders—Residential & Commercial
  • Podcasts: Lauren Thompson, Dave Stockton, Steve Garvey, Charlie Boots
  • Lighting: Cup lights, Perimeter lights, Bunker lights, Up lights, Transformers, Bluetooth transformers, Speakers, Lighting & Speaker Packages, Cup Covers, and Wire for all Lighting
  • What separates BNG putting greens apart is the luxury aspect to every job
    • Whether it is a small putting green or big one
  • More cost top project
    • Leads to higher price for job
    • Leads to rise in overhead for each job
    • Leads to higher profitable margins and revenue
  • Selling luxury instills the client will spend more for a higher end putting green
    • A $15-20/sf Putting Green is now a $25-40/sf PuttingGreen
  • Keep materials consistent for putting green installation
    • Knowledge of the price for the materials will make for consistent margins. Sameroughs, fringes, putting surfaces, base, nails, etc

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