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Improve Your Golf Handicap With Backyard Putting Greens

If you’re tired of having the highest handicap of your group, it’s time to consider backyard putting greens from Back Nine Greens. Golf is a social game, and the one with the highest handicap often gets the most ribbing from friends.  Many times, the reason for having a high handicap is...

Benefits of Installing a Backyard Putting Green at Your Home

Backyard Putting Green: Why You Need To Get One! Simply put, there are MANY benefits to having an artificial putting green turf in your California backyard.   Backyard Putting Greens Are Convenient Normally if you want to go golfing, you have to dress up, drive all the way to the golf course, find parking,...

Luxury Synthetic Lawn vs. Grass Au Naturel – What’s Best for a Man’s Best Friend?

A perfect breeze, a magical view. You’re grilling a juicy ribeye and enjoying a nice, frosty lager. Where are you? Your backyard. And there’s only one thing that could make this moment better... knowing your pooch is as happy as you are. You love your pup. They’re your perfect friend, your...

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you still have natural grass in your home’s yard, you likely don’t know what you are missing. Artificial grass provides a great number of benefits including being durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The infographic courtesy of Back Nine Greens will show you why artificial grass is the best option...

Safety Tips for Artificial Grass and Fire pits

There’s nothing quite like a fire pit on a winter night. It’s a cozy spot for friends to gather, talking, laughing, and maybe roasting some marshmallows. On the other hand, a fire pit also invites quiet contemplation, sitting alone and fire gazing. If you have artificial turf, you can certainly...

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