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Backyard Putting Green: Why You Need To Get One!

Simply put, there are MANY benefits to having an artificial putting green turf in your California backyard.  

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Backyard Putting Greens Are Convenient

Normally if you want to go golfing, you have to dress up, drive all the way to the golf course, find parking, and then spend money before you finally get to play.  With a golf green in your backyard, all these hassle can be avoided!

This is especially useful if you want to improve your short game.  When golfing, it takes a lot of practice and patience to improve your putting.  So what better way to hone your golf game than to roll out of bed or get off your sofa and start practicing immediately!  

Having a golf green in your backyard allows you to practice whenever you want.  Through repeated drills at your own convenience, you will become a putting machine!

Golf Greens Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

A golf green is a niche landscaping feature that will make your house stand out.  Indeed, a putting green is not only a great investment in your golf game, but your own wealth too!  

Essentially, the extra color and character that is added to your backyard makes a better first impression on a potential buyer, meaning more money in your pocket.

Additionally, many people genuinely want to have extra entertainment options in their backyard.  By having a luxurious putting green in your yard, people are more likely to view it as an outdoor oasis.

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Putting Greens Can Save You Money

Having a golf green in your California backyard will not only beautify your home and give off an aura of luxury, but they will also help save you money!  With a regular sod lawn, you may need to shell out money for a gardener, lawn maintenance equipment, watering, gas, and more, artificial grass is the clear winner in this category.

With a putting green, none of the expenses are even a factor!  A quality putting green will not only last for many years, but save you cash.

Backyard Golf Greens Provide A Family Activity That Is A Great Stress Relief Outlet During This Pandemic

Let’s face it, plenty of us are feeling overwhelmed during this time.  It’s easy to see why stress levels are spiking in people that are finding it difficult to cope.

What is great about having a golf green in your backyard is that you can escape being locked indoors and get away from all the negative news and social media.  

What better way to reduce the stress that you and your family are under than by going outside to practice golf!?  Not only will your family be able to enjoy one another’s company, but you’ll all be exercising as well.  And exercise is indeed a proven and effective stress reliever.

So in this time of increased turmoil and anxiety, golfing on your very own backyard putting green can be a great way to improve both physical and mental health, for you and your entire family. 

Get Your Own Backyard Putting Green & Reap The Benefits Now

From being convenient, to putting more money in your pocket, to providing a fun activity for your whole family, it is easy to see why you should get your very own putting green installed in your backyard.

And if you are feeling adventurous and would like to go a bit further than a backyard putting green, Back Nine Greens also designs and builds mini golf courses.

Contact us now at Back Nine Greens!  We will be happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have.  Turning your backyard into an outdoor oasis is just a phone call away.

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