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Playground Turf Surface

Healthy & Safe Children’s Playground Surface

At Back Nine Greens, we provide homes and businesses in California and other communities across the United States with luxurious artificial grass, including our highly beneficial playground turf. Unlike common playground surfaces, our synthetic playground grass provides a cleaner, safer surface for children to play on and enjoy. This makes our artificial playground turf ideal for installation on various types of properties, such as residential homes, commercial businesses, schools, parks, and more.

Quality Playground Surfacing From Back Nine Greens

The 26th President of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt, once said, “play is a fundamental need,” and he was right. Children, teens, and even adults need play. It presents an opportunity to not only have fun but express oneself. It allows individuals of any age to let go of any pressures and responsibilities they may be feeling and escape. Like any other activity, play requires a quality surface. What better terrain for playgrounds is there than soft and inviting synthetic grass? At Back Nine Greens, we pride ourselves on creating and installing safe, durable backyard play areas, fun and friendly playgrounds in schools and daycares, and exciting faux green play spaces in children’s activity centers and municipal parks all over the golden state and beyond.

No matter your age, you will likely love the plush, spongy feel of our premium artificial playground turf. Plus, you will never stain your knees, and your kids will be unable to tear up the lawn — even at their most adventurous. In addition, our faux playground lawns can absorb extra impact with their special padding, which is added to the turf as a safety feature. Furthermore, at Back Nine Greens, our state-of-the-art imitation playground lawns are recyclable and lead-free, so they are eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals.

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    Advantages of Installing Our Synthetic Playground Grass

    When you choose Back Nine Greens for your artificial playground surfacing installation, you choose numerous advantages, including:

    • A cheerful-looking, durable, & non-abrasive play surface
    • A lawn that needs no harsh weed killers or dangerous chemicals to stay green
    • A clean surface – free from mud, dirt, and grass stains
    • A play space void of many allergens
    • A green area that actually helps to deter wild animals and insects
    • Less of a mess than wood chip flooring (and no splinters!)
    • A vibrant lawn that helps you and your kids conserve water and save on utilities

    Go with our evergreen synthetic playground turf and give your kids a chance to fill their days with good, clean, and safe fun day in and day out!

    Applications for Artificial Playground Turf

    At Back Nine Greens, we can install our high-end artificial playground nearly anywhere our clients desire. Whether for a home or commercial business, we can provide you with the safer, cleaner synthetic playground surfacing you need. Some common indoor and outdoor applications for our luxurious artificial playground grass include:

    • Residential yards
    • Residential play areas
    • Residential playgrounds
    • Commercial play areas
    • Commercial playgrounds
    • School playgrounds
    • Daycare play areas
    • Restaurant play areas 
    • Park playgrounds
    • Churches & other places of religious worship

    Our high-end synthetic playground turf can help make play spaces on various types of properties better than ever!

    Why Choose Back Nine Greens for Synthetic Playground Grass

    In the United States, there are dozens of artificial turf companies. However, there are none quite like Back Nine Greens. We are a premier supplier, designer, and installer of high-end artificial grass, putting greens, and synthetic playground turf. We go above and beyond to craft synthetic grass installations that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. We work with you to ensure that every aspect of your artificial grass installation is what you desire. 

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    At Back Nine Greens, our artificial playground grass helps keep kids safer, cleaner, and likely happier during playtime. It is ideal for installation on a variety of properties in California and across the United States, including homes, businesses, schools, restaurants, parks, and more! This is because our luxurious synthetic playground turf has so many benefits! It is gorgeous, durable, low maintenance, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and extra cushioned. To learn more about our artificial playground grass, contact us at Back Nine Greens today to schedule a consultation!



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