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Fun for All Ages and Skill Levels

If you are looking to add some family fun and excitement to your backyard or business, an artificial grass bocce ball court from Back Nine Greens is your solution. Our synthetic bocce ball courts can be fully customized to your space and easily integrated into all types of landscapes. So whether you want to add an artificial sports court to your backyard, commercial business, school, park, or athletic facility, we at Back Nine Greens can help ensure that it not only fits your space but will provide an ideal surface for bocce ball and pickleball games for years to come.

Why Choose Back Nine Greens for Bocce Courts?

At Back Nine Greens, we offer some of the finest artificial grass products on the market as well as artisan design and installation services. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the perfect size and look for your customized synthetic grass bocce ball court while considering your subsurface borders and turf selections. As a result, our artificial bocce courts offer great accessibility, excellent drainage, years of minimal maintenance, and an attractive appearance. They can take your property to the next level and provide an exceptional space for casual exercise and entertainment.

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    Synthetic turf courts from the master craftsman at Back Nine Greens can provide numerous benefits, such as:


    Bocce ball is a game that dates back to the Ancient Roman Empire. This game has survived for centuries because it is remarkably fun and accessible to players of nearly any age and skill level. As such, it is an excellent activity for families to play at home on a backyard bocce court or on a public synthetic bocce court at a park, business, or another place.


    At Back Nine Greens, our artificial turf provides an optimized surface whether it’s for bocce ball or pickleball courts. Unlike sand and other court materials, our synthetic grass allows for smooth ball rolls and minimal bounce, which is ideal for playing bocce ball. Our artificial turf courts are also highly durable, so they will resist wear and tear from the game as well as weathering from sunlight, foot traffic, and other factors. This helps ensure your synthetic grass bocce or pickleball court will last for years!


    In addition to its durability and ideal surface for the game, artificial grass is a low-maintenance surfacing solution for bocce ball courts. Other bocce court surfaces like sand may seem like they require little upkeep, but sand can be easily affected by wind, foot traffic, and the game itself. This causes court owners to have to even the sand out before a game of bocce ball. Fortunately, with our synthetic turf, this is never a problem. Instead, our artificial grass bocce ball or pickleball courts are always even and level.


    Homes, businesses, parks, and more are all visually improved upon when owning outdoor green spaces. Our synthetic grass bocce courts add greenery to spaces that is consistent and able to blend in with other green elements like plants and trees. In doing so, our artificial bocce ball courts are luxurious, eye-catching additions to nearly any property. Take a look at our bocce court gallery.

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    If you’re looking for a way to boost the fun at your workplace, event venue, facility, or backyard, installing an artificial turf bocce ball or pickleball court from Back Nine Greens is the way to go in California and other communities across the United States. No matter the space or place, the team from Back Nine Greens can install a state-of-the-art, low-maintenance, and cost-effective synthetic grass bocce ball or pickleball court that will provide countless hours of friendly competition for years to come.

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