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Luxurious artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is an excellent choice for drought-friendly lawns and landscaping in Coachella Valley, CA. And while artificial turf installation is almost always a cost-effective investment for home and business owners, it has become even more affordable thanks to new rebates from the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD). By switching to synthetic turf lawns and landscaping, residential and commercial properties can apply and receive a rebate from the CVWD, making artificial grass installation in Coachella Valley, CA more cost-effective investment than ever! 

The Problem with Traditional Grass

Although many of us think of living plants as a solution to many of the world’s environmental issues, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to traditional grass lawns and landscaping. Despite its green appearance, traditional grass is far from eco-friendly. The main reason for this is its need for water. Standard grass requires consistent watering to maintain a green and lush appearance. 

For some lawns, dozens to hundreds of gallons can be used weekly to help traditional grass stay alive and beautiful. This process is incredibly wasteful, and in states like California that are prone to droughts, it can be dangerous. Fortunately, there is a solution to maintaining a beautiful lawn without wasting water: artificial grass. 

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The Coachella Valley Water District’s Artificial Turf Rebates

To help conserve California’s water supply, the Coachella Valley Water District is offering residential and commercial properties in their area a rebate as part of their Turf Conversion Program. Those who the CVWD serve can apply for a rebate by filling out an online application on their website. All turf rebate applications must be pre-approved before work begins. Once approved, home and business owners can receive a rebate of $3.00 per square foot of traditional grass removed and replaced with drought-tolerant landscaping, including synthetic grass from Back Nine Greens.  

Why Water Officials Love Synthetic Grass

California Water Officials, such as the Coachella Valley Water District, love artificial grass for numerous reasons. However, the most significant reason is that synthetic turf helps conserve water. In California, droughts make it difficult for these state agencies to manage the water supply and ensure there is enough to go around. And sadly, too much water is often wasted on traditional grass. 

Fortunately, artificial grass presents a happy medium between the restrictions water agencies will put on water use and the desires of residential and commercial property owners to have beautiful green lawns. With high-end artificial grass from Back Nine Greens, both water officials and property owners in the Coachella Valley and other California communities can be satisfied. 

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Why You Will Love Artificial Grass from Back Nine Greens

The Coachella Valley Water District is not the only lover of artificial grass! At Back Nine Greens, we have helped hundreds of residential, commercial, and even celebrity clients with artificial grass and putting green installations that they too have loved, and we are confident that you are likely to love our synthetic grass products as well. 

Unlike traditional grass, our luxurious artificial turf is remarkably beneficial. It creates elegant, evergreen lawns and landscapes that require no water and little maintenance. Our synthetic grass is also highly durable, which allows it to withstand foot traffic, lawn games and activities, and even fading from California’s sunny weather. With our high-end artificial grass installed on your Coachella Valley, CA property, you can have the stunning lawn of your dreams, and at a fraction of the cost, thanks to rebates from the Coachella Valley Water District.   

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At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass, synthetic putting greens, and more can help homeowners, business owners, and water districts in Coachella Valley, California and beyond conserve water. And with turf conversion rebates from water officials like the Coachella Valley Water District, switching to artificial landscaping is now more cost-effective than ever! 

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