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Drought-resistant artificial grass from Back Nine Greens provides homes and businesses in water-restricted areas like California with stunning, green landscaping without a need for constant water usage or waste. These days water is becoming more and more of a precious resource. Using less water when possible is the best way to conserve it. But how can anyone use less water and maintain a luxurious or everyday lifestyle? Fortunately, one of the most effective ways to help save water without sacrifice is to install residential or commercial artificial grass.

California, Drought, & Water Restrictions

After a drier than average winter, California is currently experiencing its second acute drought in less than a decade. As a result, state water officials have informed major and urban water agencies to expect less water from state supplies than promised. Sadly, major reservoirs in the state are well below their usual levels. As a result, Californians will likely experience water restrictions in order to conserve what little water there is. 

However, Californians are not the only ones experiencing a drought or lack of water. States and cities across the Western United States are experiencing the worst megadrought in over a thousand years. Scientists attribute this fact to climate change. 

Sadly, the effects of a drought of this magnitude cannot be undone overnight, and these effects are typically felt over long periods of time. However, there are several steps Californians can take to help conserve water. One of the most effective is to switch to drought-resistant landscaping, like artificial grass, for their homes and businesses.

Switching to Drought-Resistant Artificial Grass

Artificial grass from Back Nine Greens is an ideal solution for Californians looking to conserve water. Natural grass outside homes and businesses may look stunning, but these spaces are actually incredibly wasteful. Traditional sod lawns require near-constant watering to maintain their full, lush appearance. However, artificial grass looks just as attractive as natural grass and does not require nearly the same amount of water to maintain its luscious look. 

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is drought-resistant. It will not die or turn brown if it’s not watered every day or every other day. In fact, artificial grass lawns only need to be watered on occasion, and it’s not to help keep them alive but to keep them clean for you, your family, your employees, or your customers to enjoy. 

Other Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation 

Aside from drought resistance, artificial grass from Back Nine Greens comes with several other benefits. These include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Durability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Child and pet friendly 
  • Unwelcoming to pests

Synthetic turf from Back Nine Greens maintains its full, trimmed appearance year-round. As a result, home and business owners are not forced to spend as much time or money on lawn maintenance. Artificial grass is also highly durable and able to stand up to California weather as well as everyday wear and tear. This even includes normal wear and tear from kids and pets. In addition, synthetic turf is less likely to be home to pests like bugs, rodents, and more. Overall, these benefits make artificial grass a much more cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for landscaping.   

Applications of Artificial Grass in California 

Artificial grass is an optimal surface for numerous purposes and activities. The applications for synthetic turf in California include:

Synthetic grass from Back Nine Greens is for more than just looking at. It is multi-use and a joy to experience.  

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Artificial turf from Back Nine Greens is a fantastic solution for residential and commercial areas in California. Our synthetic grass is drought-resistant, low maintenance, and stunning to look at and experience. With our artificial grass products, Californians can do their part to help conserve the state’s most precious resource. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of switching to synthetic turf!

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