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If you are looking to install premium putting greens in Woodside, California, Back Nine Greens has developed a truly enviable reputation as one of the foremost retailers and installers of professional synthetic golf grass.

For over two decades, Back Nine Greens has been designing amazing luxury putting greens for both commercial and residential customers.

Our brilliant engineers have accrued thousands of hours of research to accurately understand the golfing experience in order to create the perfect golf turf. Are you looking for a world-class synthetic golf turf that rivals the best in the industry? Contact Back Nine Greens. We have a reputation for excellence and getting the job done right the first time.





    One of the drawbacks of natural golf grass is the sheer volume of work required to keep it pristine. First, natural grass consumes inordinate amounts of water in addition to numerous landscaping hours. This at a time when local authorities and environmentalists are pushing for stricter water conservation measures. And even then, there is no guarantee traditional sod will remain immaculate given the hot Southern California weather, water shortages, and excessive foot traffic. On the other hand, synthetic putting greens require little to no maintenance and look absolutely stunning all year long. This is despite no watering, searing summer temperatures, and heavy foot traffic. Now you can command the envy of your peers with the highest quality synthetic golf turf that performs, looks, and feels world-class.


    Installing your very own putting greens means you can practice your golf game at any time. This eliminates the need to commute to public golf courses. Not only does this save time (which you can use to polish your game even more), it saves money in transportation costs to and from the golf course.

    As mentioned earlier, natural grass utilizes a tremendous amount of resources in order to look the part. And even then, it can still succumb to hot temperatures, heavy foot traffic, and fungi. To avoid this, the natural golf grass owner must employ expensive sprinkler systems running almost perpetually and hire professional landscaping labor to ensure the grass remains up to golfing standards. On the other hand, synthetic putting greens come with little to no maintenance. No water is required, neither are expensive chemicals. Furthermore, artificial turf remains exquisite all year long without withering or discoloration regardless of the season.


    The golfing game places tremendous pressure on the actual turf. There is heavy foot traffic, golf clubs, golf carts, massive crowds, and other types of vehicles traversing the turf. In order to maintain the luster of natural grass, expensive landscaping work must be undertaken. Furthermore, this work must be performed constantly and in-between games; otherwise, the grass will not be ready. This is not the case with synthetic putting greens. The turf is made with silicone-coated fibers, which are underlain with a strong multi-layered polypropylene base. This forms an exceedingly resilient turf that is ultra-resistant to foot traffic, golf carts, club swings, and more.


    Natural grass requires chemical treatment in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, and even herbicides to ensure it maintains its quality. Unfortunately, these chemicals have been known to end up either in the water system or plant life, thus harming the ecosystem. Installing artificial turf is a way to mitigate against that since it requires no toxic chemicals to maintain its luster.


    Ready for your installation and want some inspiration? View our gallery or let us help you create a truly remarkable artificial putting greens and synthetic grass golf course tailored specifically to your needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Our friendly customer service will schedule a consultation. We are here to help you custom design the ultimate in artificial golf grass, synthetic putting greens or artificial grass lawns for your estate or business here in Woodside, California.

    We understand that each customer is unique. As such, we dispatch a team to assess the requirements and formulate a way forward. Our expert design team will custom design a beautiful artificial grass solution perfect for your needs. Our process is smooth and seamless. Our highly skilled installation technicians work efficiently to ensure your artificial putting greens and synthetic golf grass greens are installed with as little disruption to your life as possible.



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