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If you live in or around Los Altos, CA, and are looking for a company that does luxury putting green design and installation, then Back Nine Greens is the company you’re looking for.

Since 1997, our name has become synonymous with all types of synthetic grass, including commercial and residential lawnsplayground turfpet grass, and putting green turfs. Our products are completely tailor-made and engineered to cater to your unique needs and budget. So no matter whether your golf project is an extremely large and ambitious one, or simply a small one in your backyard for convenience and enjoyment, we can design, build and install it for you. And because we’ve been involved in our craft for so long, not only do we excel at creating artificial luxury golf greens and putting greens, but our expertise extends to everything artificial grass related. We can handle any project you throw at us, from dog grass to playgrounds to backyard putting greens. Between our highly trained professionals, our over 20 years of industry experience, to us giving you our undivided attention, we guarantee satisfaction when you work with us.




    Here at Back Nine Greens, we have created unbelievable looking landscapes—from large estate golf greens and putting greens to ones that can fit in a small backyard that you can see from your window; we’ve done it all. We take pride in creating golf greens that not only function effectively but also look luxurious. When we add our synthetic golf green turf to your property, its beauty adds to the overall view. Because our golf turf is so appealing to the eye, it can even help to boost the value of your home due to it being so impressive to look at.
    A prime reason why many people choose to have artificial putting green turf installed is for the convenience it offers. If it’s a fantastic day outside in Los Altos, California, then it can be an amazing feeling to step outside and practice your golf game simply. Rather than driving to a golf course and paying fees just to play, you can play right at your home.


    As a result of us specializing in designing and installing golf greens since 1997, we have mastered our craft and excel at working with you to get the details right. If you want golf greens that come with specialized slopes and undulations, bunkers, and additional challenges, we can make that happen. We appreciate the finer details in every aspect of what we do, from blade length to texture, to deliver a luxury golf green with uncompromising quality and playability.
    You’ll be amazed at how similar our artificial grass is to regular grass that is in top-tier condition. From the soft feel to the pleasant green look, people often don’t even realize that the grass is synthetic. Indeed, our synthetic grass is so hyper-realistic looking that most people will simply think you put in a lot of effort in maintaining luxurious looking grass.


    And besides the beauty of our luxury artificial grass, there are many other advantages too, both environmental and economic. In terms of environmental advantages, our synthetic grass requires no fertilizers, chemicals, or lawn care equipment to take care of it. This means less pollution in the environment. In terms of economic advantages, our turf requires no water, no pesticides, and no need to hire any gardeners or landscapers. Finally, our synthetic grass is built to be low maintenance. 
    If you happen to own a business, then landscaping with our commercial artificial grass can wind up saving you both money and time. Instead of concerning yourself with how your grass is holding up and the impression it is giving off, you can rest easy in knowing that your turf is maintaining its functionality and look.

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    The team at Back Nine Greens are the consummate professionals, whether you are working with the front office or our designers and installation technicians, you will be met with friendly, knowledgeable individuals.

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