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Artificial Grass
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Jupiter, FL

Back Nine Greens, a leading provider of premium artificial grass, offers a wide range of stunning artificial grass options for homes, businesses, and other outdoor spaces in Jupiter, FL. Known for its beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle, Jupiter is the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of our high-end artificial turf. With our gorgeous synthetic grass lawns, pet-friendly solutions, playground turf, and commercial-grade products, the artisans at Back Nine Greens can help transform countless outdoor areas into lush, low-maintenance havens. We specialize in creating lawns, landscapes, and custom artificial putting greens.


    Gorgeous Artificial Grass for Homes

    At Back Nine Greens, our luxurious artificial grass options are a game-changer for homeowners in Jupiter, FL. Our products are crafted with precision and designed to replicate the look and feel of conventional grass without the hassles of maintenance. With a variety of textures and shades, you can choose the perfect synthetic grass to complement your home’s aesthetics.

    One of the standout features of our artificial grass lawns is their exceptional durability. They can withstand the harsh Florida sun, heavy foot traffic, and even occasional or frequent downpours without losing their lush appearance. This means you can say goodbye to muddy puddles and constant mowing and hello to a beautifully manicured lawn that stays green year-round.

    Artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn

    Artificial Grass

    For pet owners in Jupiter, Florida, maintaining a pristine lawn can be a challenge. Thankfully, Back Nine Greens has a solution: our artificial dog and pet turf. This top-notch grass alternative is specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by pets while remaining safer, more comfortable, and easier to clean. As a result, our synthetic pet and dog grass is an ideal option for homes, pet-friendly businesses, and dog parks in Jupiter.

    Playground Turf
    for Safety and Fun

    At Back Nine Greens, our team also offers high-quality synthetic playground turf. Safety is a top priority, and our playground grass is designed to help cushion falls and reduce the risk of injuries. It is also durable, low-maintenance, and provides an inviting surface for children to play on. Best of all, it stays green and inviting throughout the year, making it an excellent choice for outdoor play spaces, like schools, parks, or residential play areas in Jupiter.

    Artificial Grass

    Jupiter businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the many commercial-grade artificial grass solutions from us at Back Nine Greens. Whether you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of your office complex, create an inviting outdoor dining area for your restaurant, or transform a hotel courtyard, our artificial turf can make a lasting impression on clients and guests. The durability of our products also helps ensure that your commercial space will continually look its best – with minimal upkeep required.

    Golfer practicing on artificial putting green

    High-End Artificial Putting Greens

    Florida is a golfer’s paradise, and Back Nine Greens specializes in creating custom artificial putting greens that can help elevate your golfing experience. With meticulous attention to detail, we can design and install artificial golf greens that mirror the look and feel of professional golf courses. With our backyard putting greens, golf enthusiasts in Jupiter, FL, can practice their swings and improve their short game without leaving their property.

    At Back Nine Greens, our custom synthetic grass putting greens are not just for personal use; they can also enhance the appeal of golf courses, resorts, and country clubs in Jupiter, Florida. The precise design and high-quality materials used help ensure a consistent putting surface that golfers of all skill levels can appreciate. It is a fantastic investment for those who love the game and want to enjoy it year-round in Jupiter’s favorable climate.

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    Back Nine Greens brings the beauty and practicality of artificial grass to Jupiter, Florida, offering a wide range of options for homeowners, businesses, and outdoor spaces. Our stunning artificial grass lawns, pet-friendly solutions, playground turf, and commercial-grade products are designed to thrive in the area while minimizing maintenance. And with our specialty in custom artificial putting greens, golf enthusiasts can perfect their game without leaving the comfort of their Jupiter home. 

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