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We are committed to giving you both the best putting green and artificial grass that you desire.

If you live in beautiful Beverly Hills, CA, the place with the most famous zip code in the world, Back Nine Greens are happy to provide you with the putting greens and artificial grass of your dreams.  

With decades of experience and thousands of artificial grass projects completed, you are in good hands with the master craftsmen at Back Nine Greens. We are eager to fulfill your needs, whether they are sophisticated luxury, or elegantly simple. We’ve served everyone from celebrities to your average nextdoor neighbor, and have created stunning putting green designs that are perfectly suited to the client’s existing landscape!

Although creating putting greens is our forté, this skill carries over to creating artificial grass landscapes too. So no matter if you want an amazing putting green in your backyard, or an artificial grass lawn that will impress your neighbors, Back Nine Greens has you covered.



    Our Putting Greens

    There are many reasons why you’ll want a putting green installed by us in your yard if you live in Beverly Hills, California. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that you can improve your short game in golf at your own convenience. Rather than wasting time and money driving to a golf course, you can simply walk out to your backyard whenever you want.

    Unlike other landscaping companies, the artificial putting green turf of Back Nine Greens mimics that of real golf greens that the pros use, such as what you will find on the PGA tour. While other companies may overlook details such as undulations and slopes, we certainly won’t. We recognize that the details matter when it comes to you enhancing your overall short game so that your skills don’t ever get rusty.

    Additionally, our putting greens have a luxurious look to them, so that neighbors and visitors to your home will be in awe. Indeed, our golf greens look so luxurious, they have been proven to boost property values, putting more money into your pocket in case you ever decide to put your house on the market.

    Our Artificial Grass

    While artificial grass from many landscaping companies looks fake and plastic, the artificial grass from Back Nine Greens has a permanent, lush green look that mimics real, healthy grass.

    Besides looking extremely similar to real grass, our artificial grass is also very low maintenance once it is installed. This means you won’t have to worry about when to water it, what height to mow it, if ugly brown patches and weeds are going to suddenly appear, and more. In other words, less stress and less hassle for you.

    Essentially, because Back Nine Greens has high quality artificial grass that is projected to last many years and requires no lawn maintenance, no gardeners, and no fertilizers; cumulatively  this means more money added to your pocket and more time to each day to enjoy life.


    At Back Nine Greens, we pride ourselves on being helpful and professional. So if you live in Beverly Hills, California and want a putting green to both practice your short game and have fun with the family, or you want an amazing looking artificial grass lawn to show off to your neighbors, or simply want a low maintenance and hassle free lawn, get in touch with us.  

    Take advantage now of our free consultation by calling us at (760) 345-8008 or emailing us. We look forward to helping you out, assessing your needs, and working closely with you. You are in good hands with our highly knowledgeable and accomplished team!

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