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Whether you are looking to perfect your putt or transform your backyard into a lush, low-maintenance paradise, Back Nine Greens has you covered with our artificial grass and putting greens in Atlanta, GA. In the heart of Georgia, where the charm of the South meets urban sophistication, lies an oasis for golf enthusiasts and homeowners alike. Back Nine Greens, with our team of skilled craftsmen, brings a touch of luxury to Atlanta and its surrounding communities with our exquisite artificial putting greens and artificial grass solutions. Learn more about our options in the area below: 

The Beauty of High-End Putting Greens in Atlanta, GA

Imagine stepping into your backyard and being greeted by the sight of impeccably manicured putting greens, reminiscent of those found in professional golf courses. With Back Nine Greens’ expertise, this dream can become a reality. Our artificial golf greens are meticulously designed and installed to emulate the look, feel, and performance of traditional grass, helping to ensure a true golfer’s experience right at your Atlanta home.

Crafted with precision using high-quality synthetic turf materials, luxury putting greens from Back Nine Greens offer consistent ball roll, realistic contours, and customizable features to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional design or desire a more personalized layout tailored to challenge your skills, our team of craftsmen can help bring your vision to reality for your home, business, or public space in Atlanta, GA.

Beyond the aesthetics, artificial putting greens from Back Nine Greens boast durability and longevity. As a result, you can say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining regular grass greens, as our synthetic alternatives require minimal upkeep and remain pristine year-round. With their UV-resistant properties and drainage systems engineered for optimal performance, you can enjoy endless hours of practice or competition without having to worry as much about weather conditions or wear and tear.

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Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Artificial Grass in Atlanta, GA

In addition to our premium putting greens, Back Nine Greens offers a comprehensive range of artificial turf solutions to help elevate nearly any outdoor space. Whether you are revamping your backyard, rooftop terrace, or commercial property, our synthetic grass products provide the right blend of beauty and functionality.

Gone are the days of spending hours mowing, watering, removing weeds, and fertilizing your lawn. At Back Nine Greens, our artificial grass offers a low-maintenance alternative that retains its lush, gorgeous appearance without the need for intensive upkeep. It is also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, pet activity, and environmental factors, which helps ensure long-term enjoyment for Atlanta, GA, homeowners and businesses alike.

Moreover, the synthetic turf options available  from Back Nine Greens are eco-friendly by helping to conserve water resources and reduce the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. By opting for our artificial turf, you not only help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Our Selection of Luxurious Artificial Turf in Atlanta, GA

bocce ball artificial lawn

Artificial Grass for Bocce Ball Courts

Bocce enthusiasts rejoice! Back Nine Greens offers specialized artificial grass designed for bocce ball courts. This incredibly durable turf provides an ideal playing surface and helps ensure consistent ball roll and minimal maintenance. In doing so, it allows players to focus solely on perfecting their game.

rooptop artificial grass

Roof, Deck, and Patio Turf

Transforming rooftops, decks, and patios in Atlanta, GA, into inviting outdoor retreats is made effortless with artificial roof, deck, and patio turf from Back Nine Greens. Whether creating a rooftop garden oasis or a cozy backyard escape, our synthetic turf adds a touch of greenery to urban spaces, helping to elevate aesthetics and comfort without the need for extensive landscaping.

residential artificial grass lawn

Artificial Lawns

Imagine a pristine lawn that stays green year-round, requires minimal maintenance, and withstands the test of time. At Back Nine Greens, our artificial lawns deliver precisely that for homes, apartment complexes, and businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. Crafted with top-quality materials and advanced technology, our lawn turf mimics the look and feel of beautiful conventional grass surfaces – but without the hassle of mowing and other tedious upkeep responsibility.

dog relaxing on pet turf

Dog and Pet Grass

For pet owners, maintaining a lush lawn can be a challenge, especially with playful paws and occasional accidents. Fortunately, at Back Nine Greens, our artificial dog and pet turf offers a solution tailored just for your furry companions. It is engineered with pet-friendly materials and efficient drainage systems. As a result, our pet grass can help ensure a cleaner, safer, and less odorous environment for both pets and their owners to enjoy.

Commercial putting green from back nine greens

Commercial Artificial Grass

Businesses and public spaces often seek durable, aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions that can withstand heavy foot traffic and diverse weather conditions. Our commercial artificial grass helps address these needs with resilience and style, making it an ideal choice for parks, resorts, schools, and commercial complexes in Atlanta, GA.

playground turf

Playground Turf

Playgrounds are spaces where children frolic and play with boundless energy, which is why safety is essential. At Back Nine Greens, our synthetic playground grass combines softness and durability to help create a protective surface that can cushion falls and assist in minimizing the potential for injuries. With vibrant colors and low-maintenance features, our playground turf enhances the appeal of recreational areas while prioritizing safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Grass and Putting Greens 

What Sets Artificial Turf Apart From Conventional Grass?

At Back Nine Greens, our artificial turf offers several advantages over regular grass, including minimal maintenance requirements, year-round greenery, durability, and water conservation. Additionally, it is pet-friendly, allergen-free, and resistant to pests and diseases.

How Does Synthetic Grass Withstand Weather Conditions?

Our various artificial grass options are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, including the heat, cold, rain, and snow. Its UV-resistant properties also help to prevent fading and degradation, providing long-lasting beauty and performance.

Is Professional Installation Required for Back Nine Greens’ Artificial Grass?

While DIY installation is possible with artificial turf, professional installation is recommended for optimal results. At Back Nine Greens, our certified installers have the expertise and equipment to ensure proper installation, maximizing the longevity and performance of the turf.

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Why Choose Back Nine Greens for Artificial Grass Installation in Atlanta, GA?

Back Nine Greens has helped set the standard for excellence in Atlanta’s artificial turf industry, utilizing only the finest synthetic turf products available. With a keen eye for detail, our team ensures each project receives meticulous design and installation services, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of every client. From crafting lifelike putting greens that replicate the finest course conditions to transforming outdoor spaces with lush artificial grass, Back Nine Greens combines craftsmanship and innovation to deliver unparalleled results. With a commitment to quality and our customers, we continue to redefine luxury in Atlanta’s landscape design – one turf project at a time.

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For residents and businesses seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces with luxury and sophistication, Back Nine Greens stands as a premier destination for artificial putting greens and artificial grass solutions in Atlanta, GA. With a team of skilled craftsmen dedicated to excellence and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we can transform ordinary landscapes into high-end retreats. Experience the epitome of elegance and functionality with Back Nine Greens and our luxurious artificial putting greens and artificial turf products. 

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