About Back Nine Greens

Art. Leisure. Luxury. Togetherness.

That’s where we begin when we draft your synthetic landscape. Our master craftsmen know these are the key elements that, when combined with your personal vision, can create that prized yet familiar recreational masterpiece — the one you and your loved ones will enjoy day-in and day-out.

When you give us the green light to craft your project, you get our undivided attention. We focus entirely on you — on your hopes and ideas. What do you want to see and feel when you step onto your green? Once you’ve shared your vision, we’ll set out to efficiently build your dream design to perfection. Request a Quote


Since 1997, we’ve been drafting and installing tailor-made greens and backyard paradises for everyone from the famous to your next door neighbor. Though we’re no rookies, we remember the exhilaration of walking onto a beautiful green course for the first time. That sensation is what keeps us pouring passion into our work. Luxury. Deep appreciation for the game. You’ll sense those values in every Back Nine Greens design.


At Back Nine Greens, we honor the collective spirit of teamwork. Every one of us is here because we love what we do and believe in pushing ourselves beyond the limits of our past creations to build a collection of unforgettable landscapes today and innovate bold designs for tomorrow. Every member of our team is a highly-trained specialist — from our master craftsmen to our lead designers. Together, we have over 20 years of industry experience and we have artfully constructed over 10,000 projects from scratch. Unified, we work together to realize your vision. Making your dream a reality is our pride.


Collaboration. That’s how we begin. We work with you, listen carefully to your desires, and offer up options you never thought possible to produce a personally tailored masterpiece. Years of dedication to our craft have taught us the perfect recipe: The right mix of client vision, aesthetic preference, and attention to how to most effectively shape the earth to maximize function and beauty.