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Los Angeles and many other Southern California cities are still buzzing about the benefits of landscaping artificial grass. Putting aside the cost of installation, artificial grass is a drought-friendly landscape that saves a ton of money otherwise spent watering and maintaining natural lawns. However, there are several other benefits to installing synthetic grass that may even improve your company’s bottom line. Here are just some of the unique uses that may bring more traffic to your Southern California business.

Luxurious Backdrop and Wedding Aisle Surface
Besides looking luxurious and soft, synthetic turf will not bleed or cause stains. This is a blessing to wedding planners and photographers everywhere. It’s the perfect surface for engagement and wedding photo shoots because it looks great and won’t stain anyone’s shoes – plus, it’s hypoallergenic. Artificial grass can also be used as an aisle runner for the beach or any other wedding venue; the bride will love knowing she can walk down the aisle without staining her dress!

Grass that Has Integrity after a High-Traffic Event
When a resort or country club installs artificial grass on their large property, the initial benefit received is lush, green landscaping without the high water costs. Your resort is a community hub for business conferences, weddings, car shows, exclusive art exhibits, networking events, and much more. If you expect heavier foot traffic, there are certain types of artificial turf that are designed to be more resilient and capable of withstanding foot traffic or heavy objects. After any events, you can help the grass bounce back by going over it with a roller brush to help the blades stand upright again.

Playground Surface that Allows Kids to be Kids
Playgrounds all throughout Southern California need a safe surface that can protect children from injuries in the event of a fall. Wood chips and rubber pieces can harden, splinter and pose a choking risk. Artificial playground grass is tightly woven and proven to be safe for small children. When school administration and day care center staff choose Back Nine Greens, the artificial grass installation comes with an IPEMA approval seal of safety to give the business peace of mind. Apartment property managers can also use this surface package for their community areas to look, feel and truly be great for kids and pets.

Allowing Apartment Complexes to Create Safe Community Zones
A multifamily community will often start with using artificial grass as a way to save water and money on landscaping costs; however, it can also help bring in new residents and retain the ones you already have. Installing the grass in kid’s play areas and courtyards gives tenants the peace of mind that it is a safe surface for kids and pets. Many multi-living properties now offer a dog park area, and artificial grass is the premier choice to avoid allergens, mud and unsightly areas in this type of space.

Reducing Pet Allergies in Paws, Underbelly and Chest
Pet resorts are on the rise in Southern California, and why not? Pets are a beloved part of families and many want them to feel safe, cared for and even pampered. Since most facilities usually keep several types of breeds in one area as they play, commercial artificial pet grass is simply the most effective flooring surface available. Not only does it repel ticks and fleas, but it also prevents allergic reactions from mud or grass, which manifest as itchy rashes on the underbelly, paws and chest. It also keeps the pet boarding facilities cleaner, as the loose grass is no longer kicked up and dragged around by dogs rolling in the sod. Artificial grass is the safest alternative to natural grass in a doggy day care center.

Sprinting for the Next Fitness Goal
Your local CrossFit or personal trainer’s gym is probably the last place you expect to see artificial grass, but it can serve as a great training tool for sprinting, “outdoor” weight training and other types of leg work. When you exercise on the right type of artificial sports turf, you can absorb more shock and get better traction, while it can withstand heavy foot traffic without matting or tearing. Artificial grass also reduces stress on knees, ankles and other joints during intense athletic workouts.

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