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In sunny Southern California, it’s normal to have relaxing zones in backyards from pools, patio spaces, fire pits, and even a golf green. The latest growing trend that everyone is talking about is installing a backyard putting green. It’s not until you have a putting green in your backyard that you realize just how invaluable it is.

If you have been thinking about improving your game without the hefty fees at the local golf course, it’s time to consider a backyard putting area. Back Nine Greens has transformed yards all throughout Southern California including the communities of Palm Desert, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco for nearly 20 years. We know what it means to design a landscaping renovation to improve the land value, reduce lawn maintenance, and provide a high-quality artificial grass product to last for years.

What is the first step to having a putting green contractor do an installation for me?
The first step in creating a backyard putting green is to plan the space and answer key questions. When you contact us to get a free quote, we ask some preliminary questions, then come meet you for an on-site consultation to hash out all the little details.

– Where is it going to go?

– How large do you want it to be?

– What kind of shape do you want?

– Do you want a straight shot or some dilutions with lifts to help you improve your swing and shots?

When we meet with you in person, we help you plan all these details. We also work with you to determine the best type of fringe and grass height to give you that natural look and feel all year round. Here at Back Nine Greens, we even use a white artificial grass for the sand bunkers, so everything is high-quality artificial golf turf.

How long does it take to build a backyard putting green in Southern California?
The second step to creating your golf paradise right at home is the construction phase. Most backyard installations are completed in mere days. Simpler golf green designs can be even done in just one day. It depends on the complexity of the yard and desired space. Our consultations come complete with price and time estimations, so you’ll always know what to expect.

What type of maintenance will my putting green require?
The final step of any golf green installation is maintenance to continue the playing quality for years to come. All our products come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against color fading, turf integrity and product construction. We recommend having your putting green rerolled every couple of years, sometimes sooner if you play frequently. This means that we come and use a rolling brush to right against matting, the condition in which turf fibers lay down for an extended period of time. For the fringe, we often put down a fresh layer of sand, roll it, and brush it to help the fibers maintain their height and flexibility.

Questions about the installation process are just some of many we get asked about our products. Another popular question is how the hot Southern California sun will affect the turf, both when it comes to the color fading and absorbing heat. All our products have a color fade warranty that protects the products for up to 15 years. There are many turf products on the market that absorb heat and can cause contact burns in extreme heat. With Back Nine Greens products, even when it’s warm outside, you will not experience any contact burns because of the type of turf technology we have. Our manufacturing process causes the turf to reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing so much of it that it’s unbearable to touch. This thermal emissivity creates an evaporating heat effect, so to speak. It is one of the latest revolutions in the artificial grass community, which sets us apart from other installers in your area.

Is the artificial grass cost really worth it?
The cost justifies itself because the high-quality artificial turf options available at Back Nine Greens last for many, many years. We are the premier choice for many PGA professionals and Hollywood celebrities because of our great line of products, our follow-up maintenance services and indisputable dedication to customer service. Remember: you are also saving money on watering, lawn maintenance equipment, gas, and so much more.

At Back Nine Greens, we want you to feel comfortable with the decision to install a backyard putting green. We work with your schedule and meet with you at your home to establish all the details for an appropriate project quote for your needs. Let’s continue this discussion! Reach us by phone, online or walk into our three showrooms in Palm Desert, San Francisco and Orange County, CA.

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