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From skyscrapers and towering multifamily properties to loft-style houses and homes with flat rooftops, Los Angeles is no stranger to elevated living. Make the most of your rooftop space and Southern California’s famously beautiful weather with artificial grass! It may sound unconventional, but this is actually a great way to capitalize on unused space. Let the experts at Back Nine Greens show you all the ways you can use rooftop artificial grass to transform your Los Angeles home.

Improve Your Short Game with a Beautiful View
We’ve designed putting green installations all across Los Angeles, San Francisco and other areas of Southern California, and with good reason. Golf is a sport for all ages and is widely credited with building discipline, respect and boundaries. Add an extra amenity to your multifamily property by adding a rooftop putting green. The installation process is slightly different than those built on ground level, but the right installer can design the space to provide a true ball roll for short stroke games. Whether you rent the space out to golf aficionados or keep it all to yourself, there is no way to beat a personal putting green with a view!

Create a Pet-Friendly Area for Limited Outdoor Spaces
Many multifamily communities now offer a dog park space, but for towering properties, yard space can be limited. Opt for a commercial artificial rooftop lawn installation instead to help maximize your existing square footage. Pair your putting green with pet-friendly artificial grass with an odor-zapping infill to keep the space smelling great for residents and their furry companions.

Design Damage-Free Yard Space
If your Southern California home lacks yard space but has a decently sized flat roof, make that your yard! Rooftop lawns are drought-friendly and can even serve as insulation for the home below, keeping energy costs down. Traditional grass and plants can get deep rooted and cause problems years down the road for both traditional lawn and rooftop applications. There is no need to worry about roof leaks or damage to your interior ceilings with artificial grass.

Build a Kid-Friendly Zone
It is possible to create a kid-friendly space on your rooftop complete with a playground. If you plan to build a playground area on your rooftop, it’s recommended you use a surface that is IPEMA approved for kids.

There are many uses for artificial rooftop grass. Designing the perfect rooftop lawn requires a creative mind and a trusted artificial grass brand and installer. Back Nine Greens is here to provide the best synthetic lawns found in Los Angeles and other Southern California communities. We would love to talk with you about our rooftop lawn opportunities for your home. Request your free consultation online or by phone: 1.800.583.6619.

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